Who would you like to see play in the CFL's Grey Cup halftime Show?

Man at Wok.

Wok like an Egyptian

My three favourites were..

"I don't know Wok the heck I'm doing"

"Woks up Doc" .

"Wok on the wild side"

  • Wok & Roll
  • Wokking My Baby Back Home
  • Danger, Yan at Wok
  • Wok Around the Clock
  • Wok the Heck
  • You Are Wok You Eat
  • Wok Goes up Must Come Down
  • Wok's New, Pussycat?
  • Wokkey Night in Canada
  • Stuck Between a Wok and a Hard Place
  • Raiders of The Lost Wok
  • Eat Your Wok Out
  • Moon Wok
  • Wok Your Butts Off
  • Jailhouse Wok
  • Superior Wokmanship
  • Wok-A-Doodle-Doo
  • Wok Before You Run
  • Wok Me Amadeus
  • Wok up Little Suzie
  • Wok Don't Run

What a list @FootbalYouBet :facepunch: :+1:

Say did this turn into a fun side thread. Lots of wokking is going on now I guess?

Okay I will play for walking and working though I have never heard of this guy. Some of you go back enough to know these but for those not, I give more information.

Wokking In Rhythm (if you are buzzed or drunk enough when out to sing, try this one as linked it's fun)

Wokking Day And Night (Michael Jackson)

Wokking Man (Rush)

Wokking On The Moon (The Police)

Wokking On The Sun (Smash Mouth)

Wokking In Memphis (Marc Cohn)

These Boots Are Made For Wokkin' (Nancy Sinatra)

Wok Of Life (Dire Straits)

Wokking On Sunshine (Katrina and the Waves)

Wokkin' For A Livin' (Huey Lewis and the News)

Give it 10 years and I bet there are folks clamoring for this. The holograms don't do it for me. I'd rather hear a live good cover band or performer.

Robbie Robertson.
With an all aborignal band

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The show they did not long ago With Video of Elvis along with living members of group and bands, went quite good.

Well you are on it I guess.

Nope, for me it is only real performers or no thanks at a live event.

You can watch cartoons on a screen any time.