Who would you like to see play in the CFL's Grey Cup halftime Show?

With the recent death on Edie Van Halen, we won't see a reunion tour with Sammy Hager. Ozzy Osborne revealing that he has Parkinson Disease meaning he won't be touring anymore. I would like to see rockers play the Grey Cup instead of Country or Today's Pop Stars.

I would like to see AD/DC play the Grey Cup as an international artist. while I'd like RUSH play as Canadian artists/ AD/DC have gotten back together with Brian Johnson and Phil Rudd. I think RUSH can play a 3 song set without the late Neil Peart.

Who would you like to see play the Grey Cup Halftime Show whether it is a Canadian an/or International musical act.

RIP Eddie Van Halen 5150 Forever!

I would like Neil Diamond, but no way that will ever happen.

Would be nice to see big acts at the halftime show.

Due to the Grey Cup at the end of November (which I like and enjoy) it will be highly unlikely to see major acts unless the league's willing to pay which I prefer they didn't.

Prefer the football game over some halftime show even though it might get more eyes on the game.

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He was one of the greatest.

I think one of the sponsors or the network had a hand in getting Keith Urban to play the half time show.

IMO it should always be a Canadian artist.

It doesn't hurt the CFL if the artist isn't Canadian. Keith Urban got over 2 million views on YT, He brought brand awareness and publicity to the league with his performance. You think Drake can get those numbers??? I doubt that he can on his best days.

Than name a Canadian artist that you like to see on the Grey Cup half time show.

I heard that he too has Parkinson's Disease. I saw Neil's lockdown performance in April. It was a good performance, but not to the standards from his hay day. His touring days are over

It isn't difficult to get musical acts in the middle of their tours if they have a few days open. At the place where I work, we got KISS, Duran Duran, ZZ Top, Willie Nelson to play in the middle of their tour. We almost got RUSH to play but they were on the other side of the world.

thats too bad. I have the dvd of his Hot August Night III show from 2012 I think. He was still incredible.

Tommy Hunter should be the halftime act for the next Grey Cup

Gordon Lightfoot? Is he still alive?

Neil Diamond rocks

You mean Zombie Tommy Hunter, don't you?

Yes. He lives in the Peterborough area.

I like to see him play at the GC half time show. Gordon Lightfoot is Canada's greatest songwriter

I never claimed it hurt the CFL at all. What are you talking about?

The point is that's it's a Canadian tradition, and should feature Canadian talent IMO. A big part of why Canadian artists are always at a lower level in terms of overall success is not because of lower population. It's because when even fellow Canadians don't support them, it doesn't motivate people outside Canada either.

I would love to see anybody play at the Grey Cup half-time. It would mean the CFL has returned.


Naming a Canadian artist that you would like to see perform at the Grey Cup half time show was the original intent of this question.

Name a Canadian artist that you would like to see perform at the Grey Cup half time show?

Not that it would happen or that many would appreciate it, but I would be thrilled if they had Gospel singer Steve Bell, someone I actually know personally.

Crown Lands

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