Who would you like see play the lions in the western final?

As a rider fan I was woundering who you would rather play stamps or riders?

Go Riders Go :rockin:

Stamps. I like the rivalry and I think it would be a more intense game.

Calgary, and it has nothing to do with the rivalry. The Lions have a better record against the Stampeders, whereas the Riders have given them trouble for years. I want the Lions to have every possible advantage in the Western Final.

Calgary - I want the game to be about the players on the field, not which fans can be the most annoying or whose mascot isn't allowed on the sidelines.

and the Riders have had our number this year

We've outscored the riders in our head to head games 117-112 . I wouldn't say that they got our # . All the games we lost to them could easily have gone the other way. I think if we play them , we'll win.