Who would you like our team to face...

In the playoffs ?

I say Edmonton because if the Lions make it which is very possible, watch out, they have done it in the past


Right now wen teams wana be at their best this time of the season heading to the playoffs.
The Esks have spiraled down quickly While BC who looked dead in the water are playing better and better from that perspective.
So I would say the Esks in that regard.
However, Montreal has msde it a point that no one is going to beat them at Home. Thats that. Do clinching that home playoff game is the key no matter who they play.

Its the age old perspective.
NO ONE is beating us in our house!
Which of course Hamilton has played by & proven that as well all season as well.

I was there the last time the Lions crossed over, it was a blowout.

On any given day they can take Edmonton, Hamilton and whoever comes out of the West. And IMO they and Winnipeg have the best bad weather teams. The exception of our kicker…

When was it the last time the Lions crossed over? I think I was there too




Ah! I remember, I was not there, yup it was a blowout

What year did they start the crossover?