Who would you like from Camp

Just like it says...

Who would you like too see in your training camp from the 2008 Evaluation Camp ? ?

I don't really follow the draft much but from what I've read about how they did I think Giguere and Barker will be pretty good players.

Rolly Lumbala (FB) and Mike Bradwell (WR)

The Riders have a good shot at Lumbala but unf. if Barker is still around we'll probably take him. I don't see Barker panning out for whatever reason.


I'm not so sure they'll take Dylan Barker unless they plan on trading either Scott Gordon or Triston Clovis.

I like Sam Giguere. I go to the Universite de Sherbrooke and he's awesome. But with our depth at canadian reciever, he's probably not going to be here. That and I imagine Calgary or Montreal will take him if Hamilton and Edmonton don't.

I think Rolly Lumballa could be our first pick. We need a Fullback as Szarka has 2 years max left and Hughes will need a back up. But you never know until they say, "the RoughRiders have selected". So much depends on whether that player has NFL aspirations as well.

I'm probably wrong, but my guess is we take Rolly Lumballa.

Rolly has been mentioned by a few people, he is viewed as a possible NFL draft pick. The NFL draft is a few days prior, so we shall see.

Well, honestly I'd dearly like to see Justin Shaw selected by the green and white. I've seen him play for a number of years out here on Van island, and i think he'd be very well used as believe it or not a slot. I know we have depth at canadian wrs but he's a good route runner, catches balls well.. and hardly ever gives up on plays, which means he blocks and then chases the play. With that being said, i dont think he's a first round pick calibre player... ( maybe 3rd ? )

The 'riders probably have no chance at getting Dylan Barker, Rolly Lumbala, Jerome Messam, or Samuel Giguere, seeing the rider's first pick in comes in at number 6. These guys will likely go in the top 5.

I think our first pick will be an o'lineman and probably either Brendan LaBatte or David Gauer with Gauer being the pick I would take. He is quite athletic for an o'lineman and can long snap. Jeremy O'Day will need to be replaced and I do not see Brian Jones as a starting centre, perhaps at right guard, but not at centre. He is too small in my opinion. Bryan Chiu and Chad Folk are small centres but they are exceptions to the rule and both are exceptional athletes. LaBatte may be the sentimental favorite for some seeing how he played for the U of R, but he stunk at the shrine bowl, in fact some saying that he embarrassed himself.

Although Jocelyn Frenette can do the job, he is getting a little long in the tooth and until last year, was quite injury prone and he has trouble keeping his weight down (the guy sure has a set of love handles on him).

Reggie Bradshaw most likely is Szarka's replacement and the reports out of Montana on him are good and Tillman is high on him, so, I doubt we will draft a fullback. We are well stocked at receiver with Fantuz, McCoy, Bagg and Getzlaf. Our young Canadian linebackers are perhaps the best in the league for youngsters with Carter, Chiernawski, McCullough and I think Clovis returning to his more natural position at linebacker.

We do need a Canadian d'lineman and perhaps a Canadian defensive halfback or safety, but it is not crucial to find them now in my opinion.

Links for Bradshaw.

[url=http://wpe1.montanagrizzlies.com/fmi/xsl/mt_griz/db/roster/xsl/detail_roster.xsl?-db=mtgriz_content&-lay=content_roster_detail&id_record=2874&-max=1&-find]http://wpe1.montanagrizzlies.com/fmi/xs ... ax=1&-find[/url] http://www.nflcanada.com/News/2007/09/19/4509112.html

Some good points, Oxbow.
A few things though.
I believe that the pick we got from TO is #5, not #6.
Next, Bradshaw likely can play fullback, but he is a RB, not a fullback.
And even if he were, RB/FB is an area in which we have little depth, so another back likely should be considered.
Lumbala, if he is available would be a good pick.
We certainly don't need a receiver. But if a good enough one is available, sometimes you just take the best player available, regardless of need.
But our biggest need likely is a D-lineman.
Schultzy ain't getting any younger, so if a stud tackle or end is available, that should be the call.
While in theory, one can never have too many NI o-linemen, given we are committed to using an import again this year, and we actually do have a number of young guys, I don't see that as a priority.(I believe we have at least 5 back-up NI o-linemen right now)
But again, if that is the best player available...
Interesting that you don't think Jones will make a good centre.
First, I am not certain you are right about the size thing.
But also, given that ET gave up a 1st round draft pick to get Jones, specifically to replace O'Day in a few years....
Anyway, if Lumbala is available, take him.
Or the best d-lineman available, followed by o-lineman or linebackers.
If they never take a DB or a receiver, I won't be surprised....

You are correct. It is the 5th pick...

Lumbala will go before we get a chance at him, I am certain. At least number 3, and he is the best fullback available. If he is available, I would grab him in a heartbeat, but I think he will go higher.

The best athletes this year are not on the d-line, and if the 'riders draft a d'lineman, I think it will be lower down, maybe number 2 or 3. Mullinder can play for a year a two when Schultz retires, but he is not a long term solution in my opinion, although he seems to get better with age (a late bloomer?)

If Gauer is available when the 'riders get their pick, I hope he is drafted being the best available athlete (which should be the logic in the first round) and fill in holes like the d'line with picks 2 or 3, and then draft juniors (3rd year university students) for round 4 and 5, looking to 2009 when they graduate.

I know Tillman was high on Brian Jones, but I think Gauer is the superior athlete, and he can long snap. It is better I think to have a guy with that skill rather than asking someone to learn the skill after the fact, like the 'riders tried with Mahoney or Ryan Gottselig.

Poor Gottselig never got a fair shake at making the team in my opinion. Being only 6 ft 1, 275 lb may have been his downfall. A little too small for nose tackle? I do not understand why no one picked up Dexter Ross out Minot State. When he went to the prospect camp, he blew out the competition in the bench press, but he was only 6 ft 250 and his position is rush end, which CFL teams are skiddish about developing a Canadian for that position.(Maybe I just answered my own question with Ross :roll: )

Have we re-signed Clovis? I have not heard he has! Hope we can get Barker. That would be a steal!!

Barker will probably be first overall, so I doubt if the 'riders will get him. If he is not first, then second, and if not second then third and so on.

He will not be available when the 'riders pick at number five, unless all the other GM's are blind, deaf and dumb. He kicked butt at evaluation camp...

What is this talk about Clovis not being signed? He is listed as being on the roster and he is not on the list of free agents? :roll:

I think Lumbala will still be available by pick #5.
Hamilton needs help at every position except RB/FB.
Edmonton also needs help everywhere, and I predict they’ll take either Giguere, or Barker, or an o-lineman.
Calgary already has 2 decent young RB/FBs, so are not likely interested. Plus they definately need an o-lineman.
Montreal’s NI RBs are aging a bit, but none of them are yet 30, and they have 3 guys, all solid.
Plus again, they need an o-lineman more.
Which brings us to the Riders.
Normally, if it were a toss up, I’d say take an o-lineman.
Even a linebacker, d-lineman, etc., ahead of a FB.
But frankly, I think we are thin at that position, and the combination of Szarka’s age, and how good Lumbala is projected to be, he is the guy…
Now it is being speculated that he may be drafted in the NFL.
That may impact where he goes in the draft.
I say you still take him, but it may make him a 2nd rounder, in which case maybe you pick another player then hold your breath–we have Edmonton’s 2nd pick if I am keeping track correctly, so 10th.
Getting Lumbala with that pick would likely assuage some of the silliness that was the Perry trade…
The killer there is, I could see either BC or (esp)Winnipeg taking a FB just ahead of our 2nd pick…

Briefly back to Mullinder, if and when, he might be able to replace Schultzy for a couple of years, but he is only 2 years younger.
And then you would still need a back-up.
Leaving our two greatest needs, I believe, FB/RB and d-line.

I don’t see very many d-linemen being touted as high picks though…

I have no proof for you. But earlier in the year when the FA list was published on TSN.ca, Tristan Clovis was listed as a FA come Feb 15th. Then all of the sudden sometime before Feb 15th he mysteriously was removed from that list. No announcemnet was mentioned of his resigning with the Riders.

My hypothesis is that TSN just made a mistake. I think they could have gotten Tristin mixed up with Sebastion of the Lions. But I have no direct proof of this.

But I do know that's why there has been talk of Triston Clovis not being signed.

To the draft,

I agree that Dylan Barker (#1) will probably be picked first since the TiCates selected Bauman last year.

Sam Giguere is #1 calibre as well IMO. I'm not sure that Edmonton will take him as they have Brock Ralph and Kamau Peterson. Edmonton needs O-lineman bad. They also have to replace the NI hole in defense left by AJ Gass's retirement. I don't know how happy Edmonton is with Bertrand or Maurer at FB. So they could also select Rolly Lumballa and they would be wise too. But let's not underestimate the stupidity of Danny Maccocia. LOL!

If Calgary can get Giguree, they'll take him as Brett Ralph and Ryan Thelwell have been less than spectacular and they don't have anyone behind them that I can think of.

Montreal would take Gigure as well. Cahoon is still awesome but he's not getting any younger. Eric DeLauriers looked pretty good for them last year for a guy who never joined the team til late July. He's more of a WR. Gigure is more of a SB.

I'm really not too sure what's gonna happen in this years draft. But I can't wait to find out. I'm sure we can forget about Barker or Gigure though. Lumballa is probably a long shot, but I can still dream.

The Brian Jones and Henri Childs trade for #1 2008 seems like a bad trade for the Riders right now. Childs as best is our #3 RB and who knows if B. Jones will ever be off the practice roster. But we'll see.

Is Reggie Bradshaw with the Riders? He's not on our Roster. Will he be at TC?

According to this article, Bradshaw was certainly planning on being here once he graduated. It says so about 2/3 into the story.


Hold your horses folks. I've got a feeling Eric has got another deal cooking to get us another draft pick. All great speculation by the way, making this the official draft-news centre.


Yep, we have 5 more all-stars to unload yet....we are bound to get a couple of 2nd rounders for them....

Why? Oh Please Why?