Who would you hire?

Well, according to today's Toronto Star (http://www.thestar.com/sports/football/ ... of-coaches), the Argos have the following four men as prime candidates for their head coaching vacancy:

Scott Milanovich
Greg Marshall
Chris Jones
Doug Berry

Were the choice up to you, which one of those would you be most likely to hire?

Well, IMO Greg Marshall should go to Winnipeg. He has ties there from 2007-8 and only left because of Mad Dog Kelly.

I don't think Gibson is the right guy for the Argos. They didn't call him Powder Keg in Winnipeg for nothing.

Between Jones and Milanovich? I would go with the QB turned offensive coordinator Milanovich. But they both are unproven as Head Coaches.
This probably means Adam Rita is staying as GM. I thought at one time the Argos were just waiting for Eric Tillman's court case to be resolved and have him replace Rita. However, with the latest turn of events that is not looking like a good scenario at this time. One thing they might look at is to have Tillman replace Greg Mohns for a year or two and then replace Rita.
Tillman could keep a low profile and bring in some much needed talent to Toronto in the mean time. When things blow over, and it always does, Adam could retire or be given an advisor role.

You would have to figure that Toronto's main problems are on offence; the defence was pretty decent. So if you want someone with a more offensive bent, then that puts Milanovich and Berry ahead of Marshall and Jones.

I'm just not sure that Milanovich is ready for the head coach role; in Montreal he's really just an offensive coordinator in name, Trestman is very hands on with that offence. . . and Berry, while he was a very good offensive coordinator, didn't fare as well as a head coach (although his record as such is better than the guy who replaced him).

Tough choice. . .

(1) Berry
(2) Marshall

Let's gamble hire Pat Sheahan.

Before we hire any of the above as head coach, we need immediately and on the team speed dial to call and hire Tillman first.

not sure if thats the only candidates, But i would suggest Greg Marshall the former Ticats H.C, who was saddled with an over the hill qb who didnt know his time was up, and Matt Dunnigan for O.C.- from a fiscal point of view, make Monns and Rita h.c and oc .

Bring in Tillman to manage the team. Ever since Ottawa I have been impressed with the new players that Tilman has been able to bring to a team that is struggling. Forget the legal baggage- he is the best in his field that is evailable at this moment. He would be the candidate to rescue thie struggling, but essential, franchise!!!!

Doug Berry is the man for head coach. He was good for the Als and, I may be wrong but, was he not the coach who brought Wpeg to the Grey Cup??

About the only job left that Doug Berry might have interest in would be the OC job in Saskatchewan.
I thought everybody on here would know that Jim Barker is now the Argos HC.