Who would you cut?

Lets start this thread now
(I dont have a complete list, but these are a few I think are going to be gone)

really torn about the recievers and who will be cut from the D-Backfield :?

I would not want to be in Coach MB or Obie's shoes right now! They have some nearly impossible decisions to make later this week. One thing for sure, they must find a way to keep both Thigpen and Chris Williams on the roster. Letting either one of these guys go would spell disaster for us, since another team would pick them up in a heartbeat.
I'm hoping that we don't end up with another crazy quarterback controversy this season between Glenn and Porter. This better get cleared up fast. However, I loved Porter's performance tonight, and think that Glenn had better shape up or someone else looks ready to take over!
One can only hope that the coaches will be able to salvage something decent out of the current defensive players. The DB's were obviously horrible, especially during the first half, and the defensive line was garbage against the running game. I don't like the phrase too much, but I believe that our defense may end up being a "work in progress" this season.
No matter who gets the cut at the kicker position, there will be many regrets about it, simply because I believe that Medlock and Wilbur are absolute equals in terms of skill and ability. They both deserve the job. It's too bad that the team likely won't keep both of them.
Let's see how the final roster cuts end up! :cowboy:

Alright, time for the "who to keep, who to cut" discussions that were going to happen post-game.

It did appear that T. Grant beat out Milner to be a backup RB tonight.

And Wilbur appeared to do everything he could to beat Medlock in Wilbur vs. Medlock, I'm prepared to wish Wilbur all the best in the future.

And then there was B. Grant vs. Kelly.

Bakari Grant, from what I heard, was not so impressive in preseason game #1. But his two catches for 102 rec. yards both belonged on the highlight reel.

I can understand you being torn on receivers. At least one of Kelly, B. Grant, McDaniel, and Williams has to go, although I expect Williams to make it because of what he can do on special teams and offence.

I have a feeling there were a few guys who got "injured" tonight, if you know what I mean.

oh im sure a bunch of people are going to catch the "injury bug", I suspect us to keep a reciever or 2 this way

Aaron Kelly goes, Eric Wilbur goes, Glen Milner goes, that's all I can think of.Good luck MB :wink: :thup:

interesting you think Kelly goes, I really can't see how he goes, he has been impressive, but honestly none of us know who is going to go and who is going to stay, MB is definetly going to lose sleep over this one :expressionless:

but I agree with you Wilbur and Milner are gone

Interesting tweet from Drew that's relevant to this thread:

scratchingpost Drew Edwards #Ticats coach Bellefeuille says next round of cuts could come as early as tomorrow. Deadline is 3 p.m. Saturday. #CFL
[url=http://twitter.com/#!/scratchingpost/status/83729893539581952]http://twitter.com/#!/scratchingpost/st ... 3539581952[/url]

And I also think at least one of the receivers on the bubble will be on the PR, or will find themselves "injured." :wink:

I don't think Wilbur will be gone. he kicked a 50 yarder tonight and I get the feeling he'll be the guy they keep. But a real tough decision.

He also missed and if i'm accurate i'm pretty sure Medlock didn't.

Wilbur also missed a 20 yard field goal. I would be shocked if Medlock wasn't our kicker on opening day. That year he had with Toronto was phenomenal and there's no reason to think he can't do it again. It would be tough to cut him in favour of a guy who hasn't been a field goal kicker since highschool. However I do think Wilbur will be kept around the IR.

I would keep Marquay, he wasn't exceptional today but he played good and solid. He scored a touchdown and was top receiver in yards today, even if he didn't light up special teams. Put Williams back there with Thigpen and give him a shot.

I would love to keep Eric Wilbur, but if I would trade him for a good DB I could.

Terry Grant seemed to fare better then Milner, keep Grant as the backup and either cut Milner or send him to the practice roster.

I didn't keep a good enough track of the DBs, but the ones that let Baker get that big gain need to be looked at sternly.

Did anybody take a look at the left tackles? I was too busy watching us put up 57 points on the scoreboard :smiley:

Belton Johnson played most of the game there, I didn't see any glaring mistakes, our pass protection was fantastic most of the game, few running plays that got blown up in the near the line of scrimmage, but not sure if those were a result of our LT's or not

Milhouse. Definitely Milhouse.

I have heard good things about Simmons and Julsing. In fact, I remember hearing that there is a chance that at least one of those two could be starters on our O line. It would be good to have depth there. Too bad there was that bad snap from Dewit. But it was good to see Wayne Smith playing again.

I think some decisions will be made not just on player vs. player, but also on vs. , and trade-ability (I'm sure that's a new word). I'm impressed enough with Wilbur's progress and I also like his attitude and tackling talent enough that, considering everything in my first sentence, he might be my choice over Medlock, who I'd think is the higher paid of the two. I hope that Kelly, the two Grants and Chris Williams can all be protected somehow. I could see McDaniel being traded once his injury is healed.

Oh, it's definitely a word. Just not a new one. 8) :cowboy:

If the rumours were true, McDaniels was on the trade block during the off-season with no takers. As the tv broadcast crew indicated, Montreal's receiver cuts will be much sought after. Kelly and T.Grant bring an element of size and C.Williams the threat of a kick return TD: McDaniels can't match either.

T. Grant did look to beat out Milner.

Toney is probably gone. How did the other DBs look? Lee and Young in particular.

Thanks. if not a new word, then a new spelling. I'm sure it should be "tradability."
Another comment -- I wouldn't be shocked to see the Cats soon move a pretty high profile veteran (not thinking of anyone in particular) who has it, in exchange for an established DB.