Who would you choose for the 2009 coaching staff?

Since the decision is right around the corner, who would you like Marcel to keep or hire for the 2009 coaching staff?

  1. Confirm Danny Mac as offensive coordinator; if he doesn't want the gig, put in a call to Danny Barrett.

  2. Take a pass on Rich Stubler and bring back Less Browne as defensive coordinator;

  3. See if Rob Hitchcock has any interest in getting into coaching, and if he does look at him for special teams coach, linebackers' coach, or secondary coach.

  4. Ditto for Mike Morreale, as receivers' coach.

Nothing like a little nostalgia.

Reminiscent of those old "what do you want served at the concessions?" days.

8) That's all we need, assisstant coaches with no coaching experience at all !!! ( Morealle & Hitch )
     Forget Less Browne also, as well as Danny Mac.  

     I think you will see a wholesale housecleaning as far as the assistant coaches go  !!!!

I would prefer if Marcel and Obie aquire people who can make an immediate impact on our team. What I mean by immediate imapct is coaches who have previous CFL experience and who can make adjustments on the fly - solid teachers and who think outside of the box. And last but not least coaches that coach with passion and are not afriad to take risks to win.

Matthews is available, Madjack. Too whacky, though.

If Marcel Bellefeuille decides to make a change at the defensive coordinator position, Rich Stubler is probably the best available defensive coordinator with CFL experience and success.

If Stubler is unable or unwilling to take the Ticat defensive coordinator job, the Ticats may look at some of the better defensive position coaches currently employed by other CFL teams. In addition to those candidates, another possibility could be Bob Vespaziani. He is currently the defensive coordinator at Queens University. Queens was undefeated during the 2008 OUA regular season and their defence only gave up 116 points in 8 games. Vespaziani has more than 35 years experience coaching in the CIS and the CFL. He was a three time Atlantic University Sport coach of the year in the 1970s. He was the head coach of the Calgary Stampeders from 1985 to 1987. He is known to be a very effective communicator. The most intriguing fact is that Vespaziani was the assistant GM of the Riders from 2000 through 2006 and was there during Bellefeuille's entire coaching career with the Riders.

Obviously, neither Bob O'Billovich nor Marcel Bellefeuille can approach Vespaziani until Queens University completes their football season but, when the opportunity arises, one would guess that they will at least talk with him about the position.

Off the wall, but a certain coach at Western would be a SOLID coordinator.

Bob Young said when Greg still worked for the Cats that he would hire him for any of his business's he is that talented!