Who Would You Cheer for?

Ottawa and Montreal fans can answer this from exprience, but the rest of us can just try and imagine. Who would you cheer for if your team wasn’t around? Most of you might say your second favourite team. In my case, my second favourite team would be Saskatchewan. But I think if the Argos were to ever leave the CFL, god forbid, then I don’t think I’d root for the green and white. I’d probably become a Ti-cat fan. Even though right now I despise them, I wouldn’t if they wheren’t competing with the Argos. And I have come to like the Ti-cats fans, most of them anyway. Also I love Never Win Stadium, best stadium in the league. Anyway that’s what I’d do if my favourite team left.

I would want to stay in the East if I could (they need all the fans they can get), but if the Ti-Cats ever folded I can say without much uncertainty that I would be a full-blown Calgary Stampeder fan. My friends already accuse me of being a "closet" Stamps fan now anyway. :oops:

It would be Edmonton... 8)

After BC,


I'm more of a fan of the whole league, so trying to define one team that could replace the Argos in my books. However, should the inevidable happen and they do go belly up (and they have come close a few times, thank you very much Sherwood Schwartz and that conceited Yankee wannabe, Paul Godfrey), I'd end up biting the bullet and switch my allegiance to the Tabbies.

I would have to say Edmonton. I have cousins that live there, and I have gone to Eskimo games with them for many years.

My 1st pick would be Saskatchewan and then BC.

I would probably switch allegiance to the Eskimos so I could cheer for a winning team for once, then when I realized how much I missed cheering for a struggling team, I would cheer for whoever was the underdog of the league that year. Or Winnipeg because I love our rivalry. But I doubt the Riders will ever fold! If they didn't fold in the mid 90's, they will never die.

Go Riders!!

When it happened here I rooted for Ottawa in the east and Calgary in the west

Hate to say it but either TO or Peg.

I have no idea ... the two closest (physically) places to Calgary are Edmonton and Saskabush, home of my two least favourite teams. I'd probably end up pulling for BC, personally. But I wonder which team the Calgary media would follow?
I pray this will never happen ... (knock on wood!)

If the Bombers ever left I'd say I'd probably become an Argos fan. Of course you need to conisder other things like if the franchise just moves to another city, then I'd stick with 'em. Or I'd follow some former Bomber players wherever they go. Except for Saskatchewan and Montreal.

I Can’t Beleave All The Blastfamy I’m Hearing From Argo Fans, There Will Never Be A Day I Will Cheer For The Ti-Cats, I Even Rather Cheer For Montreal. My Second Favourite Team Is The Riders And If There Wasn’t CFL Football I’d Move Out To Saskatchewan, Actually I Almost Went Out There This Summer To Take Up A Job. Other Options Would Be Edmonton, Cause I’ve Got Family There And I Really Like The City, Or Montreal, Cause Again I’ve Got Family And It’s One Of The Most Beutiful Cities In Canada.

Man, nobody likes my Bombers, hehe. I don’t know, I almost feel like a I couldn’t stomach cheering for a team that isn’t Blue and Gold. One thing for sure is I’d NEVER cheer for the Riders, the Eskimos, or the Alouettes. Sorry guys, too much rivalry in the blood. I guess I’d be either a Tabbie fan, or a Gades fan.

This is an easy one. Before I moved to BC 18 years ago I was raised on Blue and Gold. Took some time to get a little Orange and White into my blood stream. No doubt I'm a Leos fan, but if they were gone I still have my second favorite team in the Peg. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nobody. When the Ottawa Rough Riders left I stopped watching the CFL. Not cause I like the NFL or anthing....

If you think about it back then was when the Ottawa Senators started making the playoff and being a top team in the NHL...

This is an interesting question cause I think there is a corelation btw the poor attendance today in Ottawa is due to the departure of the team back in the 90's....

If Montréal had no team
i would cheers for

east : Ottawa
west: Saskatchewan

i would NEVER cheers for
east: Toronto
west: B.C.

Man, sony68, last year's Grey Cup must've sucked for ya :wink:

I would cheer for Montreal!

Bombers leaving? What? This is just a question? Phew! :slight_smile: I'd probably cheer for Edmonton because my aunt and uncle live out there. Makes sense to me. If not the Lions. Nothing agaisnt those two teams I just mentioned plus I like there players. (example: geroy simon, ricky ray). Me cheering for the Riders doesn't look good on me but if I was born in Saskatchewan I would be saying that me cheering for the Bombers doesn't look good on me.