Who would you be?

A post on another thread got me thinking...

As a kid playing football (on the street, the school yard, our field of dreams), I used to pretend I was Steve Stapler (for the life of me, I can't remember why, but that's who it was) or sometimes Rocky.

I tried to think on the current roster, who I would pretend to be if I were a kid in this day and age. Almost always playing the reciever position, Flick would be who I would come up with.

Who would you be?

Cody, of course I was a db in high school and was sort of noted for giving a good lick on guys even though I was, still am actually, a wee bit on the tiny size.

I was always myself.

I figured I was good enough :thup: :slight_smile:


I wasn't allowed to run because of my (at that time undiagnosed) asthma.

I was always Tom Clements. Well for a few years anyway.

On today's roster I would be Lumsden on offence and Cody on defence. Back in my day I would be Mel Profit on offence and Ed Learn on defence (I knew Learn as a child and was an Argo fan as a result)

FYB wrote:

I figured I was good enough

Ah yes, typical BC guy with all the confidence now that his team wins. How's the water these days out there? Tasty I've heard. 8)

Then: Tommy Joe Coffey. What a great name!

Now: I would be D.J. Flick on "O" or Tay Cody on "D".

Now? I wanna be Bob Young.


I wouldnt know. Been drinkin nothing but bottled for the past dozen yrs. :rockin:

Earl Winfield (Praise Be His Name).

i always leaned to to nfl side when i was a kid. i usally pretended i was OJ or Walter Payton. But today in the modern times i would pretend to be Maurice Clarett.

When on offense: Ralph Sazio
When on defence: Ralph Sazio

;) :D :D :D

Oski Wee Wee,

Hey black and gold how is life in the Big house ?? Are you starting on the prison team ?? I`ll bet your trying to organize a game against the guards !!!!

When we were playing catch, we usually ended up being the Russ Jackson / Tony Gabriel combination.

Way back when, I would be Bobby Hull. Yup even on the football field.


back back back -- Don Sutherin

Today? Boreham's better older brother.


Hey Captain- we share our vote. I was always Coffey as a kid (my jersey today). On today's roster.... hmmm, maybe Morreale.
(Oh, in hockey I was Orland Kurtenbach... anyone out there remember him?)

You all need to get a bloody life!

Who else but Bobby Orr!...sheesh! :wink:

Get with the program!



In hockey we always had fun with names.

When goalie: Cesare Maniago or Ed Giacoamin