Who Would Win?

Which coach would kick the most ass? (in the ring that is)

I fail to see any point to these topics.

...yup, the first one was original, this is a bad part two...just 'cause the riders are in a bye week dude, don't go all loony on us now....

I apologize, there's not much to write about. This is kinda of stupid.


Is no one going to vote...?


thanx red. Not much to do when your team has the bye week. now what i mean?

There should be another option, like none of the above, but more creative.

I don't think any of the coaches are particularly scary looking.

...fixed your poll options for you....

Wally Buono would easily win an Eight man Wrestle Royal among the coaches. :cowboy:

I agree.
A battle among some of the assistant coaches would be a lot more interesting.
I have my money on the 'Ole Swamp Dog, Ron Estay then, because I know he’ll fight dirty!!

Anyway, RW got my vote on this one…Danny Maciocia looks scary compared to the HC list…sheesh!!
Mind you, Higgins might “nice” them to death…

how'd you do that?

Voted! :lol:

....I can do anything..... 8)

Can I change my vote?


The thing is...I believe her....

You are wise, friend.....

We have a landslide in the making.....I like it!

Yes, but now it's just a popularity contest....
Go, R&W, go...

The Don would have whipped them all.

But now, I go with austin.

Except, who could bring themselves to hit Pinball. So, what would happen is, Austin would be the last man standing of the rest of them, while pinball would neither hit nor be hit. Then Austin would just look at him, and surrender.