Who would we prefer to beat in the Grey Cup

I realize its a little premature, but let’s be a little cocky, as we don’t get this chance very often.

We got our wish to play the BC lions in the crossover …and it turned out GREAT! So why not do another poll.

I am torn on this one. On one hand, I would want to beat Stamps, to wipe off Bo’s smile and continue Dave’s scowl. Also they would be well on their way to match the Bills losing record in a championships.
Revenge for 2014.

On the other hand, to beat O’shame when he has come so close to bringing a championship to Winnipeg since 1991 - would be the ultimate cruelty.

Too soon. We have to beat Ottawa first.

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch , Lumberjacks are next !

Tempting bad karma, and offending the football gods. May bring the spectre of Andre Proulx, backed up by Jake Ireland in the booth upon us. One game at a time.

Hows about we just get there first and then we’ll discuss . Not to get to far ahead of ourselves but we still got the matter of facing and defeating those annoying , pesky SILLYNAMES aka TWOCOLOURS before we can officially talk about who we prefer in the Grey Cup .

Agree, too early, need to get that plaid monkey off our backs first. Would love to beat Calgary though.

Anybody wanna talk Free Agency yet? ;D

I would like to debate the 2019 schedule. What’s with the back-to-back games? Why are we getting the crappy bye weeks? Couldn’t they start the season earlier - or perhaps later?

Why hasn’t Ted Laurant’s son been signed yet?

Still so little faith in our team… ::slight_smile:

The other team… y’know instead of the opposite of that


Stupid late labour day game.

Hey, TiCats, wake up.

I would think that ticats would want to get revenge against Calgary, and being the third eastern team to do that 3 yrs in a row would be icing on the cake.