Who would rather play in Eastern Final

I personally would rather play Edmonton.

I have been watching Montreal closely and they are very young and athletic and getting better each game.
Vernon Adams Jr is getting better each week and he can run the ball very well and will run more in the playoffs. Vernon does lack experience though.

RB Stanback is a beast and had a huge game against Hamilton in their home win over the Ticats.
Jeremiah Johnson is another very good running back they will dress and he ran over 100 yards against us in Montreal a few weeks ago. Their running game is the best in the CFL.

They will run at our weaker run defence wide side that includes Howsare, Wynn., Rico Murray, Frankie Williams , Tuggle and Leonard.
I hope Mark Washington has a good plan to stop their run game especially on the wide side. I noticed in Montreal that ocasionally Simoni lined up on the wide side and Tuggle and Adeleke were cheating to the wide side by a few yards.

Montreal’s Oline is pretty good but they lost big veteran tackle Ron Washington so we might be able to exploit them but we will need to blitz on 2knd and long.
Their receivers are really improving …rookie Wieneke sensation has been looking great and Eugene Lewis has been excellent and gets alot of yac yards They will likely have veteran Posey coming back from injury as well as speedster Bray and late season acquisition tall Chris Mathews after trying the NFL. Their receivers are better than Edmonton’s .

Not sure if BJ Cunningham will be healthy but if he is he could add a quality veteran. Overall, their receivers are young and only going to get better and are likely the third best receiving corps in the CFL behind only the Ticats and Riders.

I think their dline is pretty average as Bowman’s best days are behind him . Brown, Baron and Simmons are all young and strong but lack experience.

Their linebackers are very solid as MLB Henoc Muamba is an all-star national ratio buster.
They have a good sam linebacker in speedy blitzer Levels and two good nationall wil linebackers in Ackie and Lalama.

Their db’s are very good as well and physical.
Reid and Jones are on the short side and are both potential easter all-stars. I noticed that former calgary all-star Ciante Evans returned at strong side half along side Murray.
They have moved physical national ratio buster Bo Lokombo from linebacker to safety and he is veteran and hard hitter and has been a beast back there.

Shakir Ryan is a very dangerous and explosive kick returner.

I think we have a huge edge on our coaching staff and our dline and receivers are the best in the CFL. Our offence also provides multiple run option like Banks and Addison.

I know Edmonton’s QB Trevor Harris destroyed us in last year’s eastern final but he won’t be at home and has a weaker run game and weaker recievers in Edmonton. He also could be a bit rusty having missed some games down the stretch.

I think their Oline is pretty average and suuffer with the injury of Sir Vinvcent Rogers and their run game of Cooper or Gable is average and not as good as Montreal’s…

I think their receivers are also average in Ellingson, Collins Jr, Daniels, speedy Adjei, Smith and speedy kick returner Jones.

Their dline is above average with national ratio buster Boetang at DE and veteran Star DT Sewell, and Moore , Usher, Bazxie and rookie national Betts are all good
Their linebackers are all all-star calibre in middle linebacker Dean and Sam lb Unamba and Wil lb. Santos-Knox is excellent.

I think their db’s are their weakest area especially if Rhymes and Orange remain injured.
Overall Edm has an elite Qb with average rb’s and receiver and oline.
They have above average dline and linebackers and below average db’s

I think the cats have a better coaching staff than both teans.

Montreal is hot and young with the best run game in the CFL. Alot of good young talent and ever improving receivers.

Montreal is tough to beat at home and I pick Montreal to win 30- 26 over Edmonton.

I think we can beat either team by 10 points due to our home field advantage and blossoming qb in Evans veteran load at rb in sutton and above average oline and best receiving corps. Our offence has 2 of the top 5 receivers in the cfl and tasker is clutch and a ganer and atkin seems to be able to catch anything.
I think we have the best OC of the bunch in Condell.
We also have the best head Coach in Orlondo and great Defensive coaches in Washington and other ex BC coaches.
Jeff Reinbold is as good as there is as a specialty teams coach.
We have had weeks to practice trick plays like onside kicks etc and we have had alot of time to rest our players bumps and bruises.

I think our DLINE is the best in the CFL and our DB’s are right up there. Simoni may be the best wil lb this year and Rico is among the besyt at sam
Tuggle is average at MLB

Frankie Williams and Banks are the best kick returners in the CFL.
I think they will put Banks back there a bit more in the playoffs.

My question can any defence contain Banks, Addison and Tasker…I say no.

We also have alot of solid veterans with Grey Cuo experience and some are very hungry )

Lawrence ( hungry for grey cup )
Rico ( multiple grey cups )
Breaux ( hungry for grey cup )
Davis ( multiple grey cups )
Laurent ( hungry for grey cup )
Wynn ( hungry for grey cup )
Van Zeyl ( multiple grey cups )
Revenberg. ( hungry for grey cup )
Filer ( hungry for grey cup )
Sutton (very hungry for grey cup )
Tasker. (hungry for grey cup)
Banks ( hungry for grey cup )

As fans at the game we xan becthe 13th man by bringing noisemakers like horns and cow bells to make it a hostile, auggrivating and intimidating environment.

I trust that our coaches will have taken advantage of clinching early and knowing out 2 possible opponents early.
I expect to see a few trick plays and we will be healthy and fresh as any team.


I want Montreal to beat Edmonton.

I ALWAYS want to see the East beat the West. Always.

I have zero issues playing Montreal at home for the ECF.

Give us who is perceived “the best”. It’ll make our Grey Cup win even sweeter.

Just like I want to play Calgary in the Cup. Put us up against the perceived best, so we can take the Cup with full pride!

Like, 45 years ago, when the TiCats lost the league’s Most Outstanding Canadian Ron Gabriel?

Montreal needs a beating - too much hype, but so does Harris after demolishing the Cats last year.

I am going with Montreal, I want to see Khari dance on the sidelines into the offseason.

Oh yeah , that Ron Gabriel was a hell of a guy :o. Some things just haven’t changed on this board . It takes a minute to do the Google but apparently the volume of misinformation is more important than self-editing .

Well said ottawacat . :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch ( the aged person)

Harris scares me a bit

Montreal doesn’t.

How does one know which player is truly ‘hungry’ to win a cup? Is it by the way they look?
Today’s my 65th birthday and I’m feeling like a grumpy old man.

Haven’t given old Ronnie much thought over the years.

Happy birthday Mark, wait until tomorrow to be grumpy.

Can I at least be a curmudgeon?

It’s an attitude. Obviously, every player on every team wants to win. But as an example, Banks was driving with Simoni the other day and Brandon said they’ve got an opportunity they can’t let slip away.

Guys that were on that 2014 team, especially are all looking at this year as a possible last chance to win. When you’re running out of “there’s always next years” it tends to add gasoline to the fire

Not unless you can bark “Get off my lawn? at your neighbours ;D

Happy BDay and welcome to the club of old farts! Now you can GO train it to TiCat-Argo games for half-price! Oh, sorry to ruin your day by using the A-word?

Don’t want a cross over , want to beat Montreal and have a pure East final

Happy 65th Mark ,still younger than I …;0)

I want the Als .

Edmonton lay down against Riders in final game {ok, it meant nothing },

out with ya…

Besides I want to hear the Als rowdy fans singing in French in the Eastern Final in Hamilton ,love the sound of that!

Congrats Mark . :slight_smile: May you double your age but then you would literally be 2nd base for the Jays .

One day you’ll be the oldest guy on this site, so there’ s always that .

Pat Lynch ( those CPP and Old Age cheques come in handy)

We don’t have any of those on this board and it’s not allowed. :wink:

Happy Birthday! :slight_smile:

Hamilton has the team to eat either of these teams alive. If their mindset is where it needs to be on game day, I see a clocking of 36 - 17, no matter who they face.

Prefer east east Eastern final though.

I would like us to destroy the Als. The Als are a very good team and despite their 10-8 record. I personally think their better than the Riders or Stampeders. So bring on the better team.

It would be great to beat the Riders in the Grey Cup. Revenge for 89 and 2013??