Who would get your vote as CFL All-star QB???/

Which Quaterback would you vote for as of today as the CFL All-Star QB??? This will be very interesting to hear how people defend their choices.
Is it the straight stats numbers or would you consider other factors like leadership and ability to win close games. Cavilho has had better years, Ray has the numbers, Burris pulls off big plays, Dickenson has gotten it done when he is not hurt, Allen seems to win the big games, Joseph had had his moments. Glen and Maas do not factor into consideration but how about Buck Pierce. However, my vote of course goes to NEALON GREENE!!!!!!!!!!! :thup: :lol:

Henry Burris gets my vote.


Ricky Ray has put up the best numbers(for most qb stats anyways), on arguably one of the worst teams in the league, with one of the worst o-lines.

Dickenson is tied for the league lead in TDs, despite all of the injury troubles.

He might actually get my vote ahead of Burris.

The most consistent, and consistently impressive, QB in the league this year has been Buck Pierce, IMO.

I would luv to say Buck, but he just not experienced enough yet. DD too injury prone. I would also like to say Joseph, but its just not happening for him.

Seems to me that Burris been the most consistant and steady experienced QB this yr.

Ricky Ray. I have always been a ray fan and he has great numbers this year.

Chris Walby on the radio today said Ray so I'll go with that and blame him!

I have to vote Buck Pierce.
The guy is phenomenal every time I see him.

For the limited time he's played , definately Pierce.

You list Glenn and Maas as non factors but you don't include Joseph? Joseph is NOT an all-star. Period.

Joseph would come out ahead of Glen and Maas on just about everybody's vote I'd wager!!!!!!!

Yes. Joseph would come in third last. Do you want me to applaud him for it?

Glenn of course, he has all Bomber wins.....plus he has been running from a bad O line all year...Ya I know he's a bum...but he does have merrit..

I could be wrong, maybe the best QB is Happy feet Burris, he is one great QB and his recievers are top notch...thats why they are a winning games..

Buck Pierce!!! He just gets better with every game.

Ricky Ray.
Possibly the worst o-line in the league (at least I've never seen a guy take that kind of a beating every game and not need a wheelchair), and people say the 'smoe receivers are so good--yeah...maybe 4 years ago...now, outside of Tucker, they are not that good.
And I honestly believe from watching Tucker play that he has played through a significant injury.
So RR for sure.

And Kevin Glenn is the all-star in the east.

Buck Pierce is the best quarterback but probably wouldn't be recognized. Ray has played better than Burris as evident in higher efficiency rating the standard way of judging quarterbacks in all leagues. Both quarterbacks are close in number of touchdowns and Ray might possibly score more? In the east, Calvillo has played better than Allen and Glenn.

Actually, team pass offense is more important than individual quarterback. Here BC is clearly the best.

Assuming they are all 100% healthy and I had to pick my top three right now they would be:

  1. Dickenson
  2. Ray
  3. Burris

Pierce is definitely showing huge promise and I'll bet he'll be starting full time somewhere in the league next year. Possibly in Winnipeg!