Who would Cat Fans rather play in the playoffs?

Hamilton fans, would you rather see the Cats play the Argo's or Bombers in the playoffs? Let the debate begin.

Winnipeg is a better football team than most people think and with no bad breaks, dropped balls, injured QB ETC. this team as a whole is gelling as predicted and the Argos (as i predicted) are showing there true colors and inexperience is biting them in the butt, they are on a nosedive back to reality (as i and many have predicted), so we may just see the Cats one more time..... :rockin:

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3-eavMSBnk&feature=related]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3-eavMS ... re=related[/url]

Don't care who we meet first, as long as we meet Calgary last.

Hey, thanks for the video link...That's a classic and VERY FUNNY!!! When I saw the thread title it's the first thing I thought of and immediately started to giggle to myself...Made me forget yesterday's game for a while!

I wouldn't put Calgary in the big game just yet...Something in my gut tells me they're not as good as their record would indicate...But hey, what does my gut know?!

Both are very tough but I think Winnipeg's much better than Toronto.So i'd rather face Toronto A) because they're weaker and B) because it'd be an unbelivable attendance and ratings draw.

Lets just make the playoffs before we worry about who we play

Before yesterday, my answer would have been -- Montreal at home (Eastern Final @ IWS). Now, for me, the issue isn't so much who the Cats play, but rather where they play in the semi.

And before today, I would have thought we'd be fighting to see which of us or Toronto would have home field in the semi. And then Toronto loses to (choke) BC, and Winnipeg beats (whaaaaaaaa?) Saskatchewan.

Weekends like this highlight what makes the CFL exciting. You never know what might happen on any given day.

Any given Sunday - After the adjustments the BC Lions have made and the inspired play by Winnipeg. The Tiger Cats could very well find themselves the old team out unless Gibson and Marcel find a way to correct what happened yesterday. I certainly hope I am wrong, however at this point there is very little to be optimistic about after yesterday. What an absolute stinker. The sad part about the entire day was, it was meet the players after the game for pictures and autographs. I stuck around with my grandson - but tried to read what was really going on in the players mind after getting their asses kicked at home.

Exactly, lets focus on what the standings look like right now.

I think the bomber fan that started this thread is getting a little ahead of himself considering Winnipeg is still just 3-7.


It's too early to think about playoffs. We need to go one week at a time and then once we clinch or are a game away from clinching then we can talk about who we want to play.

Right now it doesn't matter, we will lose the first game in the playoffs if we get there. We need to take care of some business first and address some shortcomings on this team.

Earle: I agree with you on that one. I have my doubts about beating Toronto or Winnipeg in a playoff game the way we are playing. We do not seem to be getting better, while the Argos and, certainly, Winnipeg are improving each week. Other teams are making changes to make them better, but we seem to be content with what we have -- and that includes no running game whatsoever.
Cleo Lemon will continue to improve over the course of the season and will be much better by playoff time. I think we are in trouble unless we turn things around real quick.

Westdale High ... i think they'd have a shot at winning it ...