Who would be great?

Who do you think would a bigger impact if somehow they came to the CFL.

Tom Brady, Vince Young, Peyton Manning, or Brett Favre “In his prime?

It's a toss-up between all but Young. He's still too raw at the pro level to stand on an even footing with the other three.

Tom Brady. As much as I don't like the pretty boy QB, I think he could do some serious damage in the CFL. I don't think Manning could adjust to the CFL as well as Brady could.

I just wanted to add Young because I wanted a running QB on the list. And know one wants Vick in the CFL with all the trouble hes in.

Brett Favre, hands down.

This guy is the CFL prototype. 6’2" with scrambling ability and smarts.

Vince Young would be second.

Brady and Manning would flop.

I wouldn't be so quick to shoot down Manning. Sure he isn't a scrambling QB, but he is one of the smartest QB's ever. The guy spends more time than the coaches going over game film, and is always preparing himself. He would learn the game the quickest, and find ways to exploit it.

Wow, imagine how many TD's Stegall would have if Manning was throwing hime the ball?!

Vince Young. In the CFL to be successful, in my most humble opinion ( :roll: ), you need to be able to run. Vince Young is amazing at that. He has a great arm as well. Vince Young has that "it" factor. Dude is a winner.

Peyton Manning I dont think would do all that well at all. I really dont know why I just dont see him being able to excel in the CFL.

Tom Brady can definately run better than Peyton can. I really hate anything that has to anything with the New England Patriots, but he would be fine the CFL.

Brett Favre would be very good in the CFL. Amazing arm. Could run when he needed to. Next to Vince, I'd take Brett Favre.

You mean ebony skin?

Is that a serious question?

Seems like that's what you were thinking of, subconsciously.

It seems like you are a moron, subconsciously. Im not black. Kind of funny how just because I think that Vince Young would do the best you think it because he is black. Wow...

Is it because of his "loose hips?" Or his "unlimited potential" that Matt Leinart and Brady Quinn don't have?

Joe Montana!!!!

oh wait. . .

I like Vince Young but Brady is very calm and very accurate. Necessary CFL assets, IMO.

Were either of those two of the choices? No.

Did either of those guys win a National Championship and then in their first pro season actually win quite a few games for their team? No, not really. Brady Quinn hasnt even had the chance yet. My favorite young QB is Jay Cutler if you must know. And guess what, dude is white!

Before you open up your ridiculously ignorant mouth, maybe you should think about not saying anything?

:roll: :roll: :roll:

mike vick would do really good in the CFL.

hey TorontoIsMyHome you trying to be racist? if you wanna make slick comments have the balls to say what you really want to say.

I agree with this post almost completely, except I would have to say, I think Peyton is the better runner than Tom, that hurts to say that, read my name, but they both look bad running, but Peyton actually has better instinct for it, look at his early years, he ran a lot more than, he had to. He's not at all known for his running, not only because its not his strenght, but the Colts built themselves so he rarely has to, speedy receivers, and a good pass block, not to mention, and I grimace as I say this, he does have better arm Strenght. I would go with Vince, 1st overall, he's just that special, Brett in his prime 2nd, Peyton 3rd, and My Boy Tom 4th

Vince Young had the worst completion percentage in the NFL last year.