Who won?

You said "apparently the only reason he left is because Winnipeg offered more, and there's the possibility of Lapo being fired." I'm saying that being offered more would be a reason for Burke to change jobs but the suggestion that he changed jobs because there is a possibility of Lapo being fired would not be a reason.

You're making it sound like i'm pushing LaPo out the door and that's not it at all.His job isn't that safe.That's my first point.My second point is that Burke went to Winnipeg over Montreal because of ash-kay.My third point is that he probably was brought on as extra insurance in case Lapo doesn't pan out.It may not be in print but often GM's would prefer to promote from within and if anyone's deserving on the WPG coaching roster, it's Burke and Harris.It's a dual benefit.First you get one of the top DC's in the league and secondly you have a guy that could be a HC in a year or two all in one.

We'll have to agree to disagree.

BTW, of the Bombers' last 10 HCs (including Lapo), they've hired a replacement from the HC's staff at the time he was fired once and it didn't turn out well (Daley replacing Ritchie).

in this league, too many years without a grey cup and no coaching job is safe. no matter how good the regular season record can be.

Precisely, and if the Ticats start say 0-3 or 1-4 or something, MB is likely gone.He should've been gone this off-season but Obie was willing to believe that it was all Gibson's all Marshall's fault and the players as well so MB get's another chance on an extremely short leash.

Hey, sorry, I kind of started that thing about Burke possibly taking the job because he had a better chance at being a head coach in Winnipeg.
I do still stand by that though. He wasn't going to be a head coach in Montreal.
He wasn't offered any head coaching jobs this offseason, so obviously that eliminates Edmonton and Sask.
Calgary had a good year and a strong team, so that eliminates any chance there.
Toronto, big upswing year last year which should eliminate them.
Wally will be in B.C as long as he wants to be.
So really that leaves Winnipeg or Hamilton where he has a shot should either falter next year.
I don't know, the move to Winnipeg makes sense to me anyway for those reasons.