Who won?

I know it’s WAY too early to call this one but let’s take a look at the recent flurry of DC signing’s and take a stab and who we think won and why.
It’d also be great if we can have some analysis on all of the candidates.I’d do it myself but I don’t know any of these guys well enough (Hall maybe) to comment one way other another.

I did.

what are we playing??

I'm wondering if the poll should wait until Montreal hires their new DC. Then again being a Bomber fan I would vote for Burke then and now. 8)

I laughed when I heard the news. Sucks for Montreal. :lol:

Absolutely Chief, IMO Winnipeg did fantastic to shake off the fact that all of their prime choices were gone or leaving and they ripped Tim Burke right out from underneath Popp and company.Well done :thup:

I wouldn't really characterize it as " ripping him away" from Montreal.
He was not going to be their 1st choice for Head Coach if Montreal were to lose Trestman, and I'm sure he figures he will be head coach in Winnipeg by this time next year, so it was a no brainer.

Apparently the only reason he left is because Winnipeg offered more, and there's the possibility of Lapo being fired.But I don't see them getting off to such a slow start this year.

well, Considering that Hall has not been OFFICIALLY hired by the Riders at this point.. this post and this poll is irrelevant!

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aahhh.... rubs eyes

That's bull. Even if Lapo was let go, there is absolutely no guarantee that Burke would replace him especially since Richard Harris had Assistant Head Coach added to his title and the fact that Mack didn't even interview Burke for the opening in 2010 (that's according to Burke).

Coming to Winnipeg and helping turn a 4-14 team into a playoff team and GC contender will look a lot better on his resume for when HC jobs open up anywhere in the league.

I agree with Blue Blood. Is Lapolice even on the hot seat? That'd be pretty stupid.

After finishing with 4 wins, i'd think there's a pretty good chance his leash is much shorter this year.

But it was his first season, and the Bombers played decent. They lost a lot of close games. I wouldn't give up on him too early. Of course, the Bombers like to stay fresh at the HC position...

....as do the esks.....let's see'''''Machoka....Hall....Reed......will the merry-go-round ever stop...???... ...but yes, we still got you beat in that dept. chief....Lapolice will be judged by this years performance more than last and i expect he'll do very well :wink:

The only luck the Bombers had was bad. If a few things went differently, they would have made the playoffs. Tossing LaPolice would be a big mistake. You can't judge a team if every year players have to adjust to somebody new.

It doesn't matter what the fans think, facts are facts.4 wins and dead last in an 18 game season doesn't leave you with %100 job security, period.Am I saying he'll be out should he lose a game or two?No way.But another bad half of a season or more and it's goodbye LaPo.

IF the Bombers stink it up next year, then that's one thing. But there is no way that I think they'll finish worse than 8-10, no way.

No coach has 100% job security. Whether Lapo is safe or not isn't the point. To say a coach left one team to take a position with another on the off-chance that he'll get that HC's job if he's fired is silly. There's as much chance that someone else would be hired and bring in their own DC as there would be of his being promoted.

Where do you see me arguing that Burke would be the sure thing should LaPo be fired?All i'm saying is his job likely isn't as secure as most on here would like to believe.

I bet Trestman feels pretty secure :stuck_out_tongue: