Im having trouble coming to a decision so I'll let you decide...

Easy AJ Gass. Oops I thought you meant who had the Manipulated Violently Privates.

Easy --troy westwood!! lol
#2 - Damon Allen- I better quit while I'm ahead---outahere!

kevin glenn, hands down!

Ricky Ray...


Cam Wake.

Gotta choose a player on the best team in the CFL, and considering or offence has been stagnant I'd have to go with a defensive player.

Cam Wake or Ryan Phillips.

Kevin Glenn or Jessie Lumsden


id give the edge to glenn, cuz his team is first while the ticats are last.

lose glenn, and the bombers tank....lose lumsden and the cats are still last.

...yeah, that a fair analysis...Kevin Glenn...

Picking a player from the Lions would mean its the
Most Vulnerable Player

I agree, there is no doubt now-- he is a bonafide starter in this league, he has been the best player in the first 3rd of the season.

Toss up between Cam Wake and Ryan Phillips.

...CANDIDATE...I do everything like my friend RLR 2007...

Candidate: fruitcake

LOL, I think he'd be a front-runner for that award along with a couple others.

Honestly, when was the last time a defensive player won the Most Outstanding Player award? You'd have to have a record breaking year for a defender to warrant that award, and while BC's defense has been stellar thus far, none of them would even get honorable mention for that award.

Sorry guys, think more realistic.

You feel how you feel and I feel how I feel. I feel that Wake and Phillips are MVPs for the first third of the season. Wake is a rookie and is one of the league leader in sacks, and I won't forget his blocked punt. Phillips is one of the league leaders in interceptions.

That's how I feel. Got a problem?

Holy shit, it's like anything not pro-Saskatchewan gets shut down... we have the "orange-tinted lenses" and "closed minds" and you guys are saints. I will NEVER, and I mean NEVER, forget the Eddie Davis/Dave Dickenson comparisons. Never.

When you have 1989 to hold on to, that's how it is I guess. But oops, we're not allowed to speak of the past. 2006 was oh so long ago...