who won the als / bombers trade?



Banks, a four-year CFL pro, was one of Kevin Glenn’s backups last season and was battling for that job again this season.

In a pre-season game last week against Hamilton, Banks completed one of seven passes for only four yards. He also had two interceptions.

In Montreal, he will compete with Marcus Brady for the backup role behind Anthony Calvillo.

Kingsbury, who spent last season with Buffalo of the NFL but didn’t play, is highly regarded by the Bombers.

‘‘We were able to acquire a skilled quarterback that we have evaluated and liked for some time,’’ general manager Brendan Taman said in a statement. ‘‘We like the abilities he brings to our offence.’’

Kingsbury was drafted by New England in 2003, spent the following season on the New Orleans practice roster and joined the New York Jets in 2005, where he played in one game.

so who do u people think won this deal?

personally, i think the bombers won it for getting anything for banks…haha

ROFL.... completely agree with that statement

I don't know which team came out on top but Popp has shown time and time again that he knows what the players are capable of doing....My money in on him.

...like all trades only time will tell...if Kingsbury does well then for sure the BBs come out on top....if he bombs al a Shaun King then they gave away Banks for nothing...

I think the Bombers, mainly because Banks has shown nothing, when he had a chance, whereas this new guy might be good, but if not, it doesn't matter. Its not like anyone builds a team around their backup QB

I agree

Popp wins this one hands down, he just acquired the entire BB play book. Our only hope is that Banks didn't learn any of it.

As an Als fan, normally I have faith in Popp, but man does this look like a bad trade to me. I'm hoping that Popp sees something no one else sees, and that events prove him right, but I'm not optimistic.

I'm telling you dis, this is an old Don Matthews ploy, pick up a couple guys from your opponents, squeeze what you can out of them, and kick em to the curb.

Most of us don't know anything about this Kingsbury guy, who in his four-year career has played a total of one game.

Banks, on the other hand, has some CFL experience.

Based on that I'd say the Als won the trade; but if Kingsbury shows any talent whatsoever, I will change my vote.

but the als didnt get to sweeze anythign from stokes...lol

Maybe they used him to squeeze Avon Cobourne

....Bombers got SOMETHING for Brad Banks.....Bombers win trade..my question is ....Popp must be getting desperate to want a 'Tee Martin' type qb. on his roster....but who knows he might work out for the Als. in the looooong run..... :wink: :roll:

If he wanted a Tee Martin type he would have recalled White!

Popp will use him on short yardage or anywhere he doesn't want AC getting banged around.

Good point about the playbook. Even if he doesn't play a down, that has to help Montreal alot.

....na....why bring back White when they still have Pylon Greene kicking around.....or is he ?????? :roll:

NO I think he is gone

Greene was released ages ago.

Banks is a known quantity (poor showings in Ottawa and Winnipeg); Kingsbury is an unknown quantity.

Banks won't even beat out Brady for the #2 spot, so really what's the point of this trade?