Who won in the Riders-Ticats trade.

There is alot of talk on who won the trade in sending Holmes tot he Ticats and the Riders getting Joseph. Some Ridersfans have question the trading of holmes while others have question the purpose of getting Joseph. There has been good and bad review on this but when the Ticats and Riders come together in a match it will be interesting who thinks work out. Then we will know who get the better deal.

Both teams are the winners. Riders got a qb which they really needed and an excxeptional wide receiver and the Ti-Cats got last year's western MVP and one of the classiest players in the league, not to mention Scott Gordon (who can hit like a truck) and an extra college draft pick. As a Rider fan I'm happy with our side and would believe the Ti-cats are saying the same thing about their side of the deal.

Who won the trade.Ti-cats by far.
Here is why.
Holmes was Saskatchewans only true talent.
Crandell is 100 times better than Joseph.
How many playoff games does Joseph have?I will give you a hint!!!ZERO
So you give up your best player for a Q.B. that hasn't proven anything.
Kieth is damaged goods.
Smart move riders.Wonder why you won't win the cup again this year!!!!
This is to funny.
Iknow you get the rider hopeful saying it was a good trade.
Well they still think it is 1989..

Thats great anaylsis saskargo. Holmes was our only good player? Why did we have 6 all star selections then? Do you know something they don't?? Dominguez is sooo bad, Shultz is horrible, Makowsky, please, Eddie Davis is a horrible DB and he couldn't lead anything.

hate to say it but sask won it

They may be good for your little riders.However they are not Grey Cup material.
IEven the smartest rider fan on this site agrees you gave up way to much for Joseph.Then again she is a woman.She knows more than any rider fam.There you go jm02.I give you one compliment!!!

I think that the ti-cats won this trade. Holmes is way too much to be traded for Joseph, a 30 some year old qb with no playoff experience. The Ti-cats are now VERY serious contendors in the east, even though they already were before this.

Holmes is 30 as well, just so you know

I think the riders won this. I love Corey Holmes...He is amazing and by far my favorite RB, but he is in his option year. Now i dunno.. but maybe hell come back to riderville next year... lol Wishful thinking

BTW it’s going to be good to see how the Cats do with this group of guys from Brock Raph and Craig Yeast to Ranek and Holmes.

Hamilton won simply because they ended up with better players from the Riders then they could have gotten from the Gades in the draft........

Let's say the Riders don't make the trade and Hamilton takes Armstead 1st overall and Winnipeg takes Joseph 2nd. Who does that leave for the Riders, Korey Banks - salary is to high. Maybe Cam Yeow at linebacker. Riders needed to make a change at the premier position in the CFL, the fans have been saying it all year long, and that is exactly what Shivers did, plus we got another big game receiver to compliment Dominguez. Holmes is great but he played a position we were somewhat alright in. And Hamilton got one of the best players in the game in Holmes. I still think both teams won this trade.

Riders would have gotten at least one of the two anyway with their third pick......Hamilton probably takes Armstead, Taman practically announced he was taking Khan yesterday, leaving Joseph for you.......Hamilton pulled a fast one on the Shiv, but hey they had him over the barrel........the Riders got what they needed but it cost them just because Hamilton decided to stick it to Roy

wait, i think saskatchewan won. they got a returner to replace holmes and incase u hadnt noticed that returner is also a cfl all star reciever with 1300+ yards. they need more then one go to reciever, now they have 2. plus they got Kerry Joseph. lets just hope he can learn to stay in the pocket cuz hes got a great line to work with. and they got kenton kieth, who i believe will be a 1000 yards rusher, plus Joseph can rush to. hamilton benifited from it no doubt however. now they have a back to back up ranek and a good returner.

Riders win by a slim margin.. Everyone knows QB's win Greycups..and while Joseph is unproven he always played behind a chitty team...it will be interesting to see how well Joseph responds with a contender.. I liked Holmes but he was expendable.. running backs are a dime a dozen... quality QB's are not. But I will miss his versatility.
Armstead gives the Riders a deep threat quality reciever..(Thurman who?) and as good a threat as Holmes on kickoffs.. And they only got rid of Scott Gordon cause he is white

Well you judge trades by who got the best player in the deal..... Holmes is the reinging player of the year.... enough said. Hamilton won the trade, no doubt about it.

You don't judge trades by the best player, you judge trades by which team best met their needs.

Hamilton did just that

HAMILTON WON SLIGHTY, but they are not in the same division as SASK. So when the CUP comes , we will see? :smiley:

Hamilton did just that? They already have Ranek so they got a great returner and a playmaker when they figure where to put him in the offence (and they will figure that out, Holmes is to good to leave on the sidelines).

Saskatchewan needed a qb and needed a wide receiver with explosive speed and they got that while giving up a guy who splits time at running back. Sure he is a great returner but we needed both of the other guys more imo.