Who wins tonight?

Not sure what happened to the other thread, so I will start a new one.


Post your pick on who you think wins

i pick Calgary their receiving corps are much better than the riders and also i like henry burris although the game will be a fairly matched one i think the score will be 24-20 Calgary

I don't know if Rambo, Lewis, Copeland, and Boerighter are "much better" than Dominguez, Armstead, Flick, and Fantuz but I think Burris is the better QB for sure.

The defences will play a huge role in the outcome...

Riders 32
Stamps 28

I am picking the Riders in this one.
Riders 24
Stamps 20

stamps 29 - 25

I like Calgary +1

Game time coming up !!!!


IF the Riders D line scrambles Burris from the pocket...Game over Stamps, just like last year in the play-offs. Goodluck Stamp O line , you'll need it..

I think I picked Calgary in the pool, but I'll take Saskatchewan. I like their defence and their QB. Plus, they're at home. It'll be close, though. Maybe a FG will separate them.

good game so far.

the stamps keep finding themselves around thier own 10, and getting nowhere fast.

25-8 halftime... so far your wisdoms falling way short..

id like a 'mulligan' on my pick please!

Yeah, I’m kicking myself for picking Calgary in the pool. I think this game will put me at 2-2 this week. :?

Freaks, you're not trying to make a living off of your picks, are you?

....gawd, I hope not.....

Thats what I said before! And then he like lost it on me!