Who Wins the Grey Cup?

After last years debacle and disappointment, Calgary's hunger and talent win this one easily. What say ye! 8)

Calary 32 - Toronto 17

Calgary 32/ Toronto 8

Childishly I hope the Zebras win. No, I guess that would be bad for the league. Rock - hard place... OK I pick Stumps

Toronto 24 Calgary 17

I hate to say it but tbe league needs it stamps have been there too many times so.... aRGOSSS!

Calgary 32 Toronto 21

Don't care. As long as the refs and command center are not the topic of discussion Monday morning

My gut says Calgary. And an Argo win is always the worst-case scenario for any CFL season.

But I can't help but note that, after his rookie season, Ricki Ray has never lost in three trips to the Grey Cup. It may not be enough though.

If you want to talk worst case scenario how about purchasing Grey Cup tickets for the first time in June hoping the Cats of course would be there and then having the Argos in it against the Stamps. After we were eliminated I was at least hoping for anybody but Toronto and Calgary. Seriously though!

Now as far as the topic is concerned the thought of having paid to perhaps watch the Argos win a cup as my son and I watch overpowers it in the end - GO Stamps but seriously though yuck.

Very much a 1st world problem I readily admit perspective wise, at the same time. Looking forward to taking in some of Grey Cup experience regardless of the teams, games or score.

I honestly hope the Ponys lose again. I am so sick of reading about their motivations!

I am genetically unable to cheer for the blew team.

I was cheering for Sask to lose last weekend.

That's totally not the same thing as cheering for the blew team... :o :wink:

Is it possible to have the game end in a tie and neither team is declared the winner ? ???
I'm just hoping that this game won't be as dull and boring as the last time these two met in the 2012 Grey Cup . That game was a snooze fest from start to finish .

I think a win for The Leaky Boatmen may be better for the league, I think, Time for Calgary to ride off into the sunset. An Argos win would really motivate our resting tigers to show up next season. >:( >:(

Argos win

I guarantee the Calgary Stampeders win the Grey Cup

final score might be 80 for Calgary Stampeders and the Toronto Argonauts 00

I can guarantee you who won't win the Grey Cup this year............

Hamilton,Ottawa,Montreal,Edmonton,BC,Winnipeg or Saskatchewan . :wink:

I feel better now. I was doing the exact same thing and now you've justified that it made sense. Now I can cheer for the Stamps to lose without feeling guilty.

Really! Letz be a bit more realistic!

How about 60 to 1 :o

How do you feel about Winnipeg's chances? :wink: