Who wins, Lions or Esks?

Big Lions fan here, very happy to join the forum. Who wins today? Lions will be in tough but I think they can pull through. Good mix of veterans and young guys. Esks no longer have the watered down field advantage, field turf should even that up.

I say Lions win 27-24, what do you guys think?

Looking forward to watching this game later on today. I have a feeling this will be a close game and I am going to take the Eskimos by 3.

So that I win on my pro-line, Esks cover the spread, LOL!!

I can't believe there's still another two and a half hours until kickoff. Been waiting all weekend for this game! :?

I'll take the Esks by a TD.

I may as well get in on this; Eskies cover the spread and win by 6.

Big question is will Casey be a bust????????
Could be an easy Esks win by 40+ points if Wally does not go to Lulay early!!

:cowboy: :rockin: :wink:

Fixed your post for ya Chief. No need to thank me.

Good one Grims :lol:

Thanks, Grims. You're too kind. :lol:

I'm only too pleased to help! :smiley:

i told them to wait for me to get off work before they kickoff....lol

i take the home team, eskimos.

So you're the reason I've been climbing the walls all day...

GET THE PITCH FORKS AND TORCHES!!! Its time for a good ol' lynchin.

Should be a close one. Here's hoping the Lions get it done. I am trying to forget their start from last year.