Who wins a Silver Back Gorilla or a Kodiak Grizzly

In the world of nature’s toughest and strongest who would win if they were to meet up MMA style .

The Gorilla with it’s quicker , agile and strength be able to over come the size , claws and durability of the Grizzly Bear .

Heard both sides and after some thought I agree with the Grizzly Bear with it’s superior size and wolverine type claws would do too much damage and be able to handle the initial launch of the Silverback’s running force with it’s huge helmet of a head .

Never want to see any animals hurt not into that at all but the fight would be an interesting one none the less .

then there is the old lion tiger debate

…grizz in my opinion…


…first reason, relative size…ripped this off the intertubes, and it’s a rough comparison, but even still gives a close approximation to the size difference going on here…grizzly would be 30% to 40% heavier than the gorilla and that weight carries advantage…

…the second reason I think a grizzly would win is it would be able to withstand the initial launch attack of the gorilla (the gorilla uses it’s body weight as a projectile for it’s first salvo)…then, during the subsequent grappling/wrestling melee i believe the bear could withstand the beating/biting by the gorilla due to it’s thick skin/fur while in return delivering close-quarters brutal claw attacks and bites of it’s own…however, the gorilla has opposable thumbs and the intelligence to use them, if it were able to somehow introduce a weapon of some sorts to the battle that could swing the odds to it’s favour…

…the third reason I see the grizzly winning is due to it’s current wilderness competition…sure it’s an alpha predator in it’s environment but it regularly comes up against some pretty formidable herbivores such as full grown male moose or elks, and those beasts can successfully repel a grizzly attack…the gorilla on the other hand has no such competition in it’s environment and therefore lacks the, I dunno, experience I guess of going up against a big foe…the only threat to a gorilla other than humans and viruses is the leopard, and it’s track record against the cat (a quarter of it’s weight) is not very good…

Kodiak grizzly due to its much superior size and weaponry, e.g. claws and teeth, no question.

Chuck Norris