Who will you be cheering for...

Speak for yourself :smiley:

Just like Every other Grey Cup without the Riders in it I will be cheering on the Refs.

I will also be cheering for the beer vendors, and against the Stamps.

Montreal, all the way...

Calgary, The Western Team!

But, If Montreal does win, I'll be happy for Calvillo and Cahoon.

Now im an Eskimos fan and i was SO HOPING for the Battle of Alberta in the GREY CUP... but we craped all over ourselves yet again... but i honestly HATE Calgary, but ill be CHEERING for them
go Calgary!
(this is only for one game lmao)

It’s all Montreal! :cowboy:

AC and the Als.

Even though I think Montréal is the greatest city I have ever been to, I'm cheering for the Stamps because it's an Alberta team, I think the whole Edmonton/Calgary hatred thing is incredibly ridiculous, and I love the Stampeders' style of play this year.

Should be a great game!

GO STAMPS! :cowboy:

Even as an Als fan, I have to admit this made me laugh. :smiley:


For fans that have no vested interest in either the Als or the Stampeders, "The Anthony Calvillo Story" is the most compelling human drama of the year. For that reason alone I say, Go Als!

As an Als' fan since the late 1950s...........................GO ALS GO

It's East vs West. I am from the East. Montreal is from the East. I want the East to win. :rockin:

The only time I break this rule is when Toronto represents the East. :stuck_out_tongue: My apologies, Pinball.

It has been a friendly kind of hatred right. If the teams were reversed I would be cheering for the Eskimos. I ws really hoping for an Alberta Grey Cup. DM did not get the memo.

Montreal all the way!!!

I don't care for either team, but i do believe Anthony will out class Henry in this one and Als taking the cup

Go Als

shoulda made this a poll

Go West :thup: :rockin:

You're right. I thought about it, but for some reason didn't go through with it. Better late than never, I suppose. Vote if you posted already. :lol:

and if we are undecided?