Who will you be cheering for on Sunday?

I sure hope that the Saskatchewan Rider-Cats win the grey cup, to show how much of a waste last offseason was to us. And for building a grey cup team in Saskatchewan.


No one I will be watching the NFL
This is really an All West Grey Cup.
so it dose not Interest me at all
I get the score the 11 PM news.
Then Wait for the real news who is our new GM.

Go Blue.

Still undecided...

DJ DJ DJ TD TD TD :wink: :thup:

I'm just going to watch some good football(hopefully). I don't care who wins, I just wish glen didn't get his arm broken, would've been a great game - hopefully its still good.

I voted Sask though because it would be great to see a rookie coach win the grey cup in his first year and because they play with a lot of heart.

Plus, its the CFL. I'd rather watch the CFL then the boring NFL/College Ball - running the ball for 3/4 of the game.

The saskatchewan Tiger cats (15 former ticats, how can you not) Plus Austin

I'm still undecided as well. Once the game starts I'm sure it will become clear to me.

I will wear my Ti-Cat jersey to the Grey Cup Party. After all 36% of the Riders are former Ti-Cats.

Riders. Their fans deserve it.

An Argo-Cat fan

Riders.... sigh.... you think Sask will let us offer them our uni's to wear for the game that way it LOOKS likes the Cats are in the GC.... I mean most of those names were just on our jerseys!!

First, as CBC's television coverage of this event begins, I would like to wish you all a happy Grey Cup Sunday.

And I, like many others here, am a Rider fan for today. It is not just because I, among others, have wished those former Ticats on their team well. But earlier this season, after certain actions and words from certain members of the Blue Bombers organization, I don't think many Ticat fans will want to see Winnipeg win the Cup.

And I do expect the Riders to win it, and that's what I would have predicted even if Glenn did not get injured. Still, the Bombers will not just give up. Aren't there two receivers on that team that were named to the all-star team? And also a future hall-of-famer playing what will likely be his last game? They'll do what they can do make Dinwiddie look good, as they did in the limited time in which we saw Dinwiddie last week. The defence and special teams may also help keep them in it. And speaking of special teams, the player who is indirectly responsible for this being called a "banjo bowl" is also likely playing his last game.

This may be a good game, although I would have preferred to see both of the MOP nominees play at QB for this one.

Bombers, rep the east and they are the dog-go Bombers go

I'm really excited about this game too tell the truth. I wanted the Riders to win cause they are like my 2nd fav after the Cats. And they have all those great former Cats. I usually hate the Bombers, but then you gotta feel sorry for Dinwittie (sp?). Guy is getting no respect and I love cheering the underdog, reminds me of the year Cats beat the Esks years ago in the Cup when they werent suppose to have a chance. Plus Stegall is just such an ahhsume player for the CFL and you would like to see him go out big. Bombers 24 Riders 21?

Go Riders! (PS: How many ex-Cats on the field today?)