Who will win this Friday?

The spread here has Winnipeg favoured by 1.5 with an over/under of 55.


After viewing the film of the Cats last game you can be sure Peg will strike up the middle of our weak defence. I hope the Cats have been working on this.

I would say the only team will win, but I damn sure hope the ticats win.

30-22 Ti-Cats

Tiger-Cats..... 42
Blue Bombers 29

I was Saying Bombers 32 Ticats 17
But They Win one For Ronnie

Ticats 30 Bombers 25

Bombers, 46-19

Wow. The Ticats have lost most of their games by six points or less. Explain this prediction. I give the Cats a fighting chance at worst. At best, they blow the bombers right outta the stadium.

Which Casey Printers shows up Friday night?

That's the question I ask myself when making a prediction for the Ti-Cats Friday evening.

Ti-Cats 33
Zeke Bomber 25

29-19 Bombers...

Bomber D is playing some good football now (excluding the Banjo Bowl meltdown, of course) lol.

Should be a good game.

You really should ask which D will show up.... actually, I already have the answer. The one that cant stop anyone and gives up AT LEAST 30 points in a game, 7 of which are sure to come in the final minute.

WBB 30
TC 27

wpg 30
tc 24

I figure the dfence will give up about 20 or so and then casey will dish up another 20 or so if he can keep it that low so I end up with over 40 against.

If the offence under Printers was on the field longer and had more success,the D would be inspired and less burnt out ,with a positive result ,if the old Printers shows up…heres hoping…

pretty sure we dominated time of possession... D had no reason to be burnt out last week.

35 mins - 25 mins to be exact.

Yes point taken,true,big plays killed us on D........
etc etc etc

Cats will.
In Lancaster's honour.