Who will win the West?


Edmonton definitaly has the easiest schedule... Saskatchewan and B.C. ... Yikes. It's going to be a rough month for those two teams. Especially for B.C. When's the last time a team had a 3-game road trip? Rough...

If Edmonton can win against either Saskatchewan or B.C. and take the Winnipeg and Toronto games, I like our chances.

I agree - I like Edmonton’s chances. But as we have seen in the CFL this year no game results are predictable - I would not want to place any bet on which Western team ends up in first. I’d like to say the Riders but since they have lost the season series to the ESKs any tie with them would go to Edmonton. It’s a great season to be a fan of the CFL because this race will go down to the last play of the last game of the regular season. First place by a field goal.

...I ran some picks to the end of the season and, in my opinion, come up with this (cue the homer foul calls):

Calgary 11 7
Edmonton 10 8
Saskatchewan 10 8
BC 7 11

...and now that that prediction is in writing and made public I am guaranteed that the pre-paid playoff ticket the Stampeders charged me will be refunded in full sometime in November....

After doing my own workthrough of the schedule I predict this:

Edmonton 11-7
Sask 11-7 (loses tie breaker to Edmonton)
Calgary 9-9
BC 8-10

This really could end up reversed by the end, but its what my Homer Heart is saying (in fact originally I had the Riders at 12-6 and Calgary at 8-10, but reality set in a bit)

Well, here is my prediction, just for fun...

Calgary 11-7
Edmonton 11-7
Saskatchewan 10-8
B.C. 6-12

B.C. seems way too low to me, but there are just too many games that I can't see them winning... maybe they'll prove me wrong.

And I may have had my Homer hat on for some of the Edmonton games. :lol: I think more realistically they'll finsh 10-8 again.

I of course say BC but regardless its going to be a very close finish and I'm sure there will be at least 1 tie.

I think given the last couple of weeks in Bomberville, wins against Winnipeg should only count 1.5 points in the standings.


Personally, I think this is a very :roll: disrespectful comment to make.

I'm betting the team with the most points on Nov. 9 will finish first.

You only say that because they ran all over your Lions. :stuck_out_tongue:

i feel down the stretch, that ray is going to have to play better third quarter football. if he gets back on track for after the half, i feel edmonton could really do some damage against everyone.

Right. Thanks, Chief, I forgot. If you LOSE to the Bombers, you get one point taken away in the standings.


My riders loss at home to the Esks makes it tough for them to win the west unless Edmonton collapses or Ricky Ray gets hurt which would change everything. Calgary is a mystery- one week look unbeatable next week average Joes. I still believe Saskatchewan and Calgary have the best balanced offences in the West and come cold weather and inclement playing conditions I wonder if this may be the most important factor. Funny how it goes. The esks seem to have the Riders number while the Riders seem to have the Stamps number. Makes for great anticipation as in the CFL anything can happen. Casey Printers - a factor????????? who knows in lotusland where the mild weather softens the brain.

Riders will rule
Rider Pride Nation Wide :rockin: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The west is so unpredictable this year. No team can seem to win enough games in a row to grab a good hold on the west and every time a team looks like they can really put it together and go for a run they blow the next couple games and the rest of the division catches up.

My early guess for the west this season was Edmonton and Im going to stick with that. As much as it pains me to say this Ray is a clutch QB and I think he will be able to play some realy good football down the stretch to get the esks the division even in a tiebreak with sask or calgary. The esks still look like the least inconcsistent team in the west and it should be down to the last week of games to determine the winner

Ok I did another work through and this is what I came up with now

Sask 11-7
Calgary 10-6 (win’s tie breaker with BC)
BC 10-6
Edm 8-10

but I also think it could be

Sask 11-7
Calgary 9-9
BC 9-9
Edm 9-9

Not sure who would win the tie breaker there, and don’t want to take the time to figure it out.

Man the west is tight. Like a Tiger :wink:

Here's my re-working... after removing my homer hat... Edmonton finishing 11-7... I must have been drunk. lol

Saskatchewan 11-7
Calgary 11-7
B.C. 9-9
Edmonton 7-11

Not too different.