Who Will Win The Toronto Maple Leaf / Boston Bruin Series

Toronto has looked below average for a while now. Boston, on the other hand, is on fire.

A Poll : Who Will Win The Toronto Maple Leaf / Boston Bruin Series?

i) Boston will crush Toronto
ii) Boston will win a close series
iii) Too close to call
iv) Toronto will crush Boston
v) Toronto will win a close series

The ONLY chance the Leafs have is for Freddy to stand on his head.

That said IF the Leafs can upset Boston, watch out.

TBH, I don’t think anyone gets by Tampa Bay.

I think if any team gets by Tampa it might be the Bruins in a second round upset. Still, I would have to go with Tampa just because they are so dominant this year.

Boston has proven over the past few decades that you do not have to blow it all up and tank for several seasons and finish at the bottom of the standings in order to re-emerge as a playoff and Stanley Cup contender.

Toronto might win one game. They are not tough enough.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see the series go exactly the same way as the last two times they met. Bruins winning Games 1 and 2 at home, the Leafs game 3 at home, Bruins take control of the series winning in Toronto game 4, but Leafs surprise and take Game 5 in Boston and 6 at home and lose Game 7 after having the lead going into the 3rd period of Game 7. Exactly as happened the last two series these two teams played.

^^ This. ^^

This is a HUGE concern.

If Boston runs Matthews shoulder, and you know they will, I can see him disappearing. If/when that happens, all you need to do is shut down JT and Marner and the Leafs are done.

It may be worse than last year’s series for the Laffers.
Regardless, the winner will have a short 4 game next against TB.

Yup. If Tampa doesn’t win the Cup, I will be shocked.

Agree with you Dan.

Regular season is one thing. Playoffs are another.
If they end up facing Boston at some point I would not be surprised if the B’s send them golfing.


When does the Toronto/Boston series start?

Even if Anderson plays on his head thee entire series the Leafs are going to get crushed. Poor D, zero toughness, and scorers that disappear when the heavy team throws their weight around, isn’t a recipe for success. The way Dubas and Shanahan built this team is as if they’re trying to win the Women’s World Cup Hockey or something.

I know a lot of people love the JT signing, but for me that was the beginning of the end for the Leafs “rebuild”. Not that he’s a bad player, but the effect that his contract will have, along with removing Matthews from top line duty, is and has hurt this team more than most currently realize. The Nylander contract has also clearly had a negative effect, and as I stated when the contract was signed - the Leafs should have traded him when they could have got a top end defencemen out of Carolina.

I love the JT signing. He’s been terrific.

I agree, the Nylander signing was stupid. Too much money for a player that could/should have been traded.

As for Matthews…

They are paying him too much and he’s #3 on my list of Leaf Top Forwards behind Marner and JT.

Playoffs start April 10th.
But have not been able to find the dates for the series.


Just wishing the playoffs would start now, regular season way too long.

Me, too.

No muscle, no spirit, no wins. Boston, wearing black and gold by the way, in four.

Sure am hoping for Boston to end up taking out TB because I don’t think anyone else will.