who will win the stanley cup first??

who would win the cup first Crosby or Ovechkin?? its hard question because there both on failing teams and there franchise players who do u think??

ovechkin if they dont get traded before they win it


If they stay on their respective clubs, Crosby. They'll (Pittsburgh) probably get the first overall pick this year and already have Malkin and Fleury. That is quite the young base of players to have. But I don't see either player winning the Stanley Cup unless they go to a different team via free agency after they have been with their club for 7 years.

I doubt they'll stay with their teans long enough, but if they do Crosby

Both will probly change teams soon so it depends on who they go to.

out of Ottawa or Vancouver, I would have to say Vancouver.

Pittsburgh should temporary move to Winnipeg and play a season there while a new stadium is being build for them in Pitts. So the Peg can show everyone that they can support an NHL team again and the Penguins don't have to play in their old arena that's falling apart (like the Flyers playing in QC 30 or 40 years ago). Why it didn't collapse during a snowstorm yet is beyond me.

ok can sumone tell how they would leave there teams? lmao…come on, trade deadline is over and the team will probably do anything to keep them.

Oh Ovechkin will win.

Ottawa wins the cup this year :smiley:

No one meant they would leave their teams this year. They meant down the road in about 5 years or more.

Kanga, Crosby and Ovechkin play for Pittsburgh and Washington, respectively, how does Ottawa and Vancouver come into this?

id say ovechkin, just cuz they are closer to being a playoff team than the pens right now...the pens lack team unity, goaltending, offence...they just suck.

the caps have offence and goaltending..give them a few FA signings this offseason and the rest will come together in a few years.

This from a guy who thinks it's stupid to move the Bombers to the Eastern Division for one year while the Renegades are on hiatus. :roll:

Both teams suck. Thats why youd have to wait till they go to new teams or new players join their team.

Once the contracts end, they can sign with another team if they want to.

NHL free agency is as follows
Unrestricted Free Agents
Unrestricted free agents will get younger. The minimum age at which a player can shop himself on the open market will drop through the first four years of the agreement:

  • In 2005, 31 years old.
  • In 2006, 29 years old or eight years of NHL service.
  • In 2007, 28 years old or seven years of NHL service.
  • In 2008, 27 years old or seven years in the NHL. The 2008 benchmark remains in place for the life of the agreement.
    Under the old system, players did not qualify for the open market until the age of 31.

The title of the thread is "who will win the SC frist?", In Canada at the moment, there are only two active NHL teams that have never won the cup, Vancouver and Ottawa. When I read that title, I though it was talking about them, and I throw the Peg thing in there for kicks.

no, now I think both ideas are workable, especailly since WPG will CO back to the West come playoff time if that happens, depending on how well SKK (will they get Joseph? and they have't done much to improve), BC (DD, nuff said), and TO (still storng, and have gotten stonger, but it's all on Allens solders) play and how Ott (suspend centural) fairs.