Who will win the Sidney Crowby lottery?

A few hours from the lottery draw, who do you think will get "hockey's Next One"?


I hope the Oilers get him.
As long as those canucks don't get him.
Man I hate that team!!!!

Oilers would indeed make a good story, because the Next One would follow the steps of the Great One.

I'd like him to end up anywhere in Canada. Could you imagine wasting him in a team like Nasville, Phoenix or Florida?


Or even Montreal.That would be a shame.LOL.
You crosby going to the states could be a good thing.They need to win back alot of fans in the states.I know they don’t care about hockey.We know how good he is.Canadians will go to games no matter what.To me it wouldn’t be a bad thing.I would rather see him in a Nashville Jersey than a Canuck Jersey!!!
My luck he will end up going to the Canucks!!!


i call islanders

Toronto would be interesting

Islanders?... geo65 would love that...

go Habs go !

knock wood

The leafs wouldn't want him.They would trade thier pick for some old guy.
Come to think about it.If Oilers don't get him,I would rather see him in the states.I hate all other Canadian hockey teams than the oilers.

If he can help the Habs win, I hope that's where he goes. He has said that's where he would love to play as his first choice and since they have always been my favourite team, that would be great.
Ah, conspiracy theories, they make good talk!

i'm hoping oilers too ... But to be honest .. as long as its a canadian team .. i'll be pleased.


At first I didn't want Sid because I wasn't sure how Iggy would deal with it, but man what a line that would be!

Go Flames Go!!!!!

My two favourite teams are The Calgary Flames, and whoever plays the Edmonton Oilers.

Iginla is a true gentleman and a team player. I'm sure he would not be plssed at all to see another guy get more attention. He's too classy to act like that.

For those wishing that a canadian team wins the lottery, and that would be almost everyone here, including myself.

Keep on dreaming! :frowning: (mathematically speaking that is).

Canadians teams in total have only 8 of the 48 balls, so odds of a canadian team winning is only 16.67%. Not good odds (compared to 83.33% for an american winner).

But we can dream, can't we.

My hopes, for Sidney Crosby, if drafted by a canadian team are

  1. Montreal (my team)
  2. Edmonton (they endured so much since the gang (Gretzky, Messier,...) left.)
  3. Calgary (would of been #2, but last year's cup run dropped them one, plus they already have Iginla
  4. Ottawa (They need a good 1st overall pick to offset their bad 1st overall pick (Daigle)).
  5. Vancouver (any city that glorifies Bertuzzi's actions on Moore (deserved or not) does not merid the Sid)
  6. Toronto (For being Toronto, and thinking that hiring washed-up has beens is your key to the cup, and other reasons, too many to write up here)

.........ah Yeasty, you took the words right outta my mouth........

[b]The 20 LAST picks of the draft are known...

Vancouver, Ottawa and Montreal aren't out yet... They will be in the top ten and COULD get Crosby ![/b]

vancouver and ottawa are out