Who Will WIn The Rushing Title This Year?

That's some big numbers there for the top 3. I think it is safe to say Roberts hits the 1500 mark, but I would love to see him hit 1800 - that could only mean success!

It will be a two horse race this year, Roberts and Reynolds, the two best backs in the league with the two best olines opening the way for them.

Couldn't agree more pigseye

Roberts should win it again this year. I think he
values the title more then Reynolds does.

Yards per carry should go to Reynolds, an improved
O line should help with that.

No, he is far off. The Riders are going to be a pass happy team this year. Im not saying that he wont put up decent stats if he is full time starter, but he wont have a chance of being close to rushing champion, imo.


Hey this is the first off-season he actually trained.

you gotta Remember in the 3rd MTL reg season game Charlie was getting tired late in the game after his 3rd 15-20+ yard run.

With training hopefully his Endurance is better so that he won't tire so easily, if it is, then right there he would have had an extra 20-30 yards.

Going by last year, Charlies rushing numbers got hurt hard by a few things: the MTL injury game, week after(obvious reasons), when Milt/Glenn Got injured at the same time(thus he was targetted bad + OL injuries at the same time)

Not having those things happen(atleast to the same degree) + not being forgotten in BC(last game).. that's looking to be around 150 more yards(1.7K)

Also look around the league and the DL's which guys are retiring/being cut, not really big Offencive hits, more Defencive hits(LB's/DL's)
hehe, Argos and Als especially = 6 games =D

Barnes: Sure Charlie can have a big year, and I think that Reynolds will probably too, but if you look at the top three rushers for the past 7 or so years (only as far back as I can find...) there is usually 1 guy around 1500, another around maybe 1300, and another around 1100.
Even the low end of your numbers are alot higher than the trend is showing. I'm not saying that it isn't possible, just unlikely I think that 3 guys finish with 1700, 1500, 1300 yards (your low end)
I understand that you are thinking about retiress/cuts, but they happen every year.