Who Will WIn The Rushing Title This Year?

Will Sir Charles take the title yet again this year? Or will Reynolds get his revenge? Will another back slip in from behind?

I think if Roberts can get off to a good start (he always starts slow) he may have a chance at a career year. With a healthy OLine (knock on wood) and an improved reciever set, Blink may find more room, and eat up the yardage.

Charlie Roberts will, being pushed by Reynolds + 1 RB who is currently an unknown.(maybe Pringle in Montreal)

Charlie actually trained this off-season + hasn't set the 2K yard goal. I'm gonna go with Charlie gets 1.7-1.8K+ yards,
Reynolds gets 1.5-1.65K yards
Other guy gets 1.3-1.5K yards

Injuries are a big thing if any of these guys teams deals with Major injuries to their QB, themselves or top OL numbers will drop like Charlies did last year.

With the great cast of receivers on the Stamps this year, don't expect Reynolds to see the ball as much. That doesn't mean he won't be a threat, I just think the Stamps will be going to the air more this season.

I agree with that. But I have a feeling that Reynolds will be more effective rushing the ball this year, using the limited # of carries he'll get. He'll be top 3 or 4 rushing wise for certain(unless he gets injured) IMO.

i think charles roberts

charles roberts.

Charles Roberts will take the rushing title again this year, but Renyolds might make it an interesting race. Edwards could make it a 3 way race if stays healthy for the whole season.



It will be between Roberts and Reynolds.

Roberts is usually a good bet, since he always seems to be #1 or a close second.

Second place, uh, how about Julian Radlein? :smiley:

And that last question has already been answered; Edwards is already injured and unlikely to start the season.

I think everyone may be over looking a Mr. Smith in BC. Last year he didn't play the whole season and put up just under 900 yards. If you look at yards per cary he's right up there with Roberts and Reynolds. Only time will tell who gets the carries.

Henri Childs!!!!!!!!!

maybe not

Steven Jackson

Henri Childs!!!!!!!!!
Actually, I don't think you are far off with that call. When he was in Winnipeg, he looked outstanding.

I have a feeling that Charlie is going to get fewer carries this year. According to what I have seen in the preseason and what I have heard in some interviews, I think they are planning to go pass heavy.

If that is the case, I would say that Reynolds will take it.

Don't you think that may be because they are trying to get a feel for our QB's?

Don't you think that may be because they are trying to get a feel for our QB's?
That's a very good point.

I still think Roberts will get less than usual, because of the qualitly recievers we have this year, but how much less, is a good question.

That being said.....I change my answer to Charles Roberts. :smiley: :smiley: :lol:

Well I will not be suprised if Reynolds does not get it. He is not the kind of pllayer that goes for personal goals. His goal is to have a ring on his finger with his team mates. So my pick is (insert any running back here).

That sounds like something someone who has finished second (twice!) would say! :stuck_out_tongue:

I can assure you that that the goal of Roberts is to get a ring on his finger too, what athlete doesn't have that goal?

That's right. During the last 5 years, Roberts has won the rushing Title 3 times, finishing seond the other 2.

Increadable durability for a small guy.