Who will win the Grey Cup tomorrow?

I'll tell you who is going to win. Sask. may be 11 pt. favourites, but the Bombers will win for 2 reasons:

  1. The Roughriders are cursed.
  2. The Dalai Lama proclaimed victory for the Blue Bombers. (I have the picture to prove it.)

Enjoy the game!

Bombers or Riders. Hmmmmm, thats a tough one. I'll go with Winnipeg as my first choice and if they don't win, I'll pick the Riders.

Gretzky(GOD) proclaimed his support for the Riders. No offence to the Dalai Lama but the Great One voted for THIS game...the DL was queried for the East Final....it worked.



I feel that your 2 reasons are just really 1 reason phrased differently.

Not only that, in defence of your 1st reason . . . How are the Riders cursed? We haven't won since 1989. Is that your reason? The Bombers haven't won since 1990. One season difference.

As far as the Dalai Lama thing goes . . . You got me there.


Head says Hicks

Heart says Bombers

I hope the Blue and Gold win.

I say the Riders are cursed b/c even though they had a lot of great teams and the greatest CFL QB ever (Lancaster), they only won the Grey Cup twice. Remember a couple of years ago when McCallum missed that chip shot that cost them a trip to the Grey Cup? The Riders' history contains many tragic moments like that.

As for the Dalai Lama proclaiming victory for one specific game, this is incorrect. Read the article for yourselves. http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/local/ ... 5477c.html

I'm pulling for the Bombers but my gut tells me the Riders are winning this one. I just don't believe Dinwiddie (sp) can mistake free football long enough in a game of this magnitude.

The Riders will be tough tomorrow.

I stand corrected. And Im going to feel like such an ingrate when I talk about how wrong the simple monk was.


I have overwhelming confidence in the blue and gold with absolutely no argument to back it up. Call it a gut feeling...

Sask - 32
Wpg - 30

In OT. Marty York literally hit himself after witnessing a wicked good GC game...(I'm a sucker for a fairytale ending.)

Never have trusted anything the Dalli Lama says. I'm clearly going to have to say the Riders. I think it should be a classic.

Bombers will surprise the country.

"CFLgameanyone, I stand corrected. And Im going to feel like such an ingrate when I talk about how wrong the simple monk was."

You don't have to feel like an ingrate if you have never heard of "Monk Power" It is more powerful than weapons of mass destruction. "Monk Power" gave the Great One his tremendous hockey ability. "Monk Power" made Sydney Crosby what he is in such a short time. "Monk Power" is awesome. "Monk Power" will make Dinwiddie A Grey Cup Champion.

Oh my God. Are the Riders actually going to lose a poll? :o

If that's all they lose today, I will be one very happy Rider fan!

Yup...for your answers as to how and why? Look in the stands at the Rogers centre, waves of Green. Also quiet confidence. I didn't even vote. Don't plan on it either.


everybody counts out winnipeg but im sure that some people will be suprised. Everyone is talking about sask defence and fred perry and the bombers losing KG but i think that the x-factor will be the bomber defence

Sure looks that way. On Grey Cup weekend no less.