Who will win the Grey Cup first?

Been wanting to do this poll for a while. Everyone of these teams has a challenge.
With Hamilton, of course, we just can’t seem to put a championship team together.
Winnipeg is in the west, and every team has taken their turn, but the Bombers.
Montreal seems to be lost AC.(after Calvillo)
Atlantic Schooners, well they aint playing yet, but probably have a good chance as any of the other teams bring home the cup!

It will probably be Winnipeg. But with Coach O. hanging around we may have a chance.

The Atlantic team will be treated like the golden child just as Ottawa and will be gifted many great players so “they are competitive” I don’t see them winning cup before Winnipeg, us on the other hand? Who knows?

Ticats, I hope.

Make that 2 - Go Cats!

Do we have any tangible reasons for voting for the cats?Other than we are fans.
My feeling was Winnipeg as with BLM gone to the NFL the west is wide open; where as we can not even compete with Ottawa?
Noticed that nobody voted for the Als.

There is too much turnover year to year in the CFL and as a result the teams performances cannot be predicted with accurate results. Teams can go from hero to zero within a season or two. Riders, Argos and Als have had many highs and lows over the past decade. If the Schooners can nab themselves a franchise quality QB and great management team then they will be competing for the Cup in short order.