Who will win the graycup?

Will it be once again Toronto or will it be ricky ray and the eskimos

you know the CFL has 9 teams right? and everyone is jst gonna vote for their favourite team.

And it's the GREY cup.
the rider fans will just LOVE that you left them of the list. Lol. You should change it.

i can understand calgary being left out, but Montreal, cmon i hate them but theyll be in the playoffs for sure. ottawa could make it too.

Lol. Ott could make it? Did they just sign a good team?
Any team could make it. Thats why every team should be up there.

cept calgary.

Calgary has a much better shot at winning than ott, sask, or ham.

I could care less if he left Saskatchewan out. Predictions don't mean anything, I personally am sick of the talk and just want the season to start.

Also it's hard to take a poster seriously when he leaves the number #1 team in the East (regular season) last year off and can't even spell GrEy cup right.

Haha you're 100% right. I notice homers are REALLY bad on this board. I went onto the Winnipeg Blue Bombers site, and the question was "Who will win the Grey Cup?". And like three quarters of them voted for Winnipeg!! hahaha Who's your QB again Bombers fans??

I try to not be too bad about that kind of stuff. I'm a Stamps fan, and I say they'll finish third in the West, behind B.C. and Edmonton. I wouldn't have thought the Eskies would win until Ricky came back. Now they definitely could. Everyone seems to be looking for the new big champion. But I don't think you have too look past last year's top team. Despite their losses, I still say Montreal has the best chance at winning the Cup. I'll call for a Montreal / BC Grey Cup.

One thing that people fail to realise is that in the CFL anyone can win the Grey Cup. All its takes is for a team to get hot at the right time.

Case in point, In the 2000 Grey Cup the 1st place 12-6 Als lost to the 3rd place 8-10 B.C Lions

.....Probably the most ridiculous poll I ever saw...

And the 2004 ARGOS last year , beating MONTREAL and B.C. :lol:

ALLEN , was hurt for 3 quarters of the season. :o :smiley:

True enough and the other thing to consider, is that even a 9 team league every game is important. Sometimes in other sports like baseball (162 games) and basketball (82 games) and hockey (84 games) there can be a lot of mid season mean nothing games especially if a team is either running away with it or completely out of it. Can you imagine how much it must have sucked to be a Detroit Tigers fan last year? Football, be it the CFL, NFL or NCAA or Canada West or whatever league has the distinction of being a sport in which every game is important week in and week out.

I still don't get why people assume that just because there are more games in other sports.....some (mid-season and early season games) are meaningless. This is a bad assumption. For example, If you are a Flames fan and your team missed the playoffs by 2 points, you will think back to the couple games that you "should have or could have won". Every game means something in every league. The obvious is that games mean a lot more in football since there are only 16 or 18.

Perhaps it is a wrong assumption, but how many times have you seen the opposite where a team like Colorado or Detroit has poor showings in January and it doesn't affect them. The point I was trying to make is that we assume it because of the poor lackslustre efforts that the players give sometimes and then point to the length of the season and how hard it is to get up for all the games sometimes? I know you have heard this, maybe not the exact words, but listen close sometimes and you will hear the message.

Jason Arnott was quoted in Edmonton in his second or third season I believe after having a particularly bad game for the Oilers as saying "I just wasn't into it tonight". He wasn't around here for much longer, think he was traded a couple months later.


crappy poll can't spell our championship game right either

You make a good point, hockey, in particular, plays too many games. They are putting their body on the line every single night and it shows. At least in football, it is once a week where you are giving it your all~!! Someone could argue that baseball plays a lot of games but it's freaking baseball. I actually wish that they would cut down the season maybe 30 games and add another round of exciting playoffs and get a few more teams in it.

Hockey should be played 2-3 times a week TOPS. This 3 games in 4 nights...while flying across the country is ridiculous....especially when you are playing a full body contact sport.

a stamps fan making fun of the bombers qb's. that is funny. the stamps to let that boy go and sign an edm castoff. burris will disappoint. i am calling it.

Are you guys serious? The most people are picking EDM to win the Cup? They are not even going to make the playoffs! Why are people voting like this! This doesn't make any sense!

...probably voting like this because this thread was resurrected from May of 2005...could be wrong, though...