Who will win Sunday?

and lets be honest [i am an argo fan] that the argos lucky to win 2017 gc
they were helped very much with blm’s ‘shoot from the hip’ mentality

I give Trestman a fair bit of credit and I don’t put all the blame on BLM. I put more blame on Dickenson, but that’s open for debate. What isn’t open for debate we do agree on and that is the Stamps on paper were a far better team.

Your point is fair so look at it this way; under Popp they went from 9 wins to 4 wins to a 1-8 start. Anyway you look at it Popp has failed to build a team. I’m not sure if Chamblin is the man for the job but he surely was a huge step down from Trestman and that was another Popp decision.

Barker was a better GM than Popp during their time with the Argos.

i never like nor trusted trestman
he seemed much interested in his $600k while preaching that he is all about creating better husbands and fathers which utter bull
i heard that from his iwn mouth during his spprechj at city hall gc acceptance
a ‘real man’ would have told ownership that he needs a leav of anbsence yo take are of personal problems, instead of takig a grey cup winning team to 4-14
that what a ‘real man’ would do
popp just needs to go away
hopefully mike oshea can be lured here as head coach and gm
problem is that i doubt paul lapolice wouls follow as oc - makes sense for him to become bomber hc

I would love to see O’Shea in Toronto. That 2017 coaching staff was incredible. Jones, Maas, Steinauer and O’Shea. In hindsight that’s a dream team.

and that saying a lot
i am an argo fan and glad they won gc in 2017
but argos were lucky
popp/trestman rode that pony and look trstman made $600k this yr for NOT doing anything
popp doesnt produce regular reliable results
lasy yr 4-14
this yr so far 1-8
get rid of all coaches and popp and i bet team does as well or maybe even better
losing by 50 in home opener ? c’mon u dont need coaches for that

That actually was the 2012 coaching staff not the 2017 one . HC was Scott Millanovich .

Get it that you LIKE Bridge … but the horse you beat is long dead … move on

i cannot believe macbeth is better
argos are 1-8 and i bet they would not be worse maybe even better under bridge and he’s a local boy too

argos shoulda dumped milo and promoted oshea to hc
oshea had argos pedigree

And Scotty was not HC material. His staff won that GC for him. That and Jones knowing exactly how to play the Calgary D.


you’re NOT your

FYI - Many of your non-Bridge related comments are quite interesting … but I read each with the fear that somehow it will quickly twist back to your obsession.

But I give up … no more on BB from me

Sounds familiar to his last couple of seasons with the Als. Calvillo goes down and …

It most certainly does.

very true
what ever happeme to the days of argos having holloway and barnes so if one goes down the other just steps in and sometomes not even if one goes down ?
i vever understood keeping calvillo in for so long in many games w/ nary a snap for backup[ qb

The downside of the salary cap is that teams cannot have that sort of situation with veteran QBs … or at least not without gutting other areas of the teams.

The Calvillo thing was supposedly his preference … didn’t want to come out … but should never have been his choice … but Popp never really brought in a QB that was really a potential successor … chronologically: Jamie Barrette, Dan Gonzalez, Stanley Jackson, Tavares Bolden, Eric Kresser, Matt Lytle, Ted White, Eli Roberson, Marcus Brady, Adam Eckert, Nealon Greene, Jesse Palmer, Brad Banks, Jason Maas, Mike McMahon, Will Proctor, Chris Leak, Adrian McPherson, Ricky Santos, Josh Neiswander, Kyle Graves, Tanner Marsh and Troy Smith … A couple looked promising but nobody really amounted to a hill of beans … a couple were on the downside at/near the end of their careers (Greene, Maas) and Brady was a four year vet, always more a future coach than potential starter.

Don’t know that Popp has ever brought a successful CFL QB into the CFL (Calvillo came from Hamilton after a season in Las Vegas).