Who will win Sunday?

This game makes me nervous for some reason.

…don’t be nervous…unless you’re playing, and you missed the team bus…

Nervous ? No need for nervousness , and why you ask ? Two words…Corey and Chamblin …nuff said !!

Montreal is the better team. Montreal by at least 14.

Apparently Montreal had their best week of practice of the season this week. But there two changes on the offensive line one being the LT position and Lokombo replacing Loffler. So this could go either way. Als better protect Adams…

Although it is doubtful that Toronto will catch Montreal this season, this one game stands alone, like a Bowl game or homecoming, and therefore the Argos have a perfectly fair chance of winning.

lets go argos !!!

aaaaarrrrrggggggoooooosssssss !

if u looked at the 3 gsmes just played u will see that qb mobility is very important
even macbeth did ok when he ran but is old and slow
franklin runs better
bridge was a very good runner and has a strong arm but for some reason popp cut him

By all rights Montreal should win, but that’s what makes it feel like a trap game to me. Particularly since we’ve had changes on the offensive line, as Hfx noted.

Cheering my Argos but expecting an Als victory

also know as 'hedging your bet' - lol

or did you mean Toronto by 14?

dont jinx it … lol

As did the Als … and nobody else has stepped up … at some point hopes and dreams die.

just have a really hard time believing that is worse than macbeth
u mean if bridge was under centre argos would be winlesss …lol

No, but people whose jobs depend on having an effective starting QB have walked away from him … multiple times.

u realize the argos are 1-8 ?
right ?


But the guys that are going to likely lose their jobs because of it felt others were better choices than BB … and Montreal did twice and Saskatchewan once … and every other team has chosen not to bring him in … it isn’t just Popp, Chamberlain and Chapdelaine.

2017 east final, which i watched on tv, coming off sk bench he almost beat argos
he really impressed me back then
especially w/ his running skills
he was bigger that most LB
line his up on slot pos and he can operate as 2nd qb
als scored from double reverse and back to qb
1-8 argos need to think ‘out of the box’ - their current logic isnt working
the special teams coach/es should be fired as they seem better suited to drive a tow truck
off play calling is better but [as we have seen this weekend] teams NEED a mobile qb, that is if they want to win
as thins are now w/ argos, the entire coaching staff and popp sould be flired
let argo players call plays the\mselves
i am sure the players could produce a 1-8 record, probably better
and sure not lose by 50 to ticats during home opener
there by saving lots of $ too
does anyone know if bombers have locked up oshea?
he would make a great hc and gm for argos since he was a former player and coach and was born in ontario
i only hope he has a soft spot for argos

The man the Argos need to fire is Popp. Got rid of Trestman and upgraded to who? Ray retired and Popp was ready with…?

GMs job to build the team and Popp has done nothing. Went from GC champs (with a team he inherited) to league chumps under his mismanagement. Team should have fired him and kept Trestman.