Who will watch the inaugural XFL season?

Training camp starts January 4th in Houston for all 8 teams.

The season starts on February 8th. 2020

I always watch these leagues such as the XFL.
For me Its about seeing the players who are playing in the league.
I enjoy seeing different players & where they have come from.
Some I know who have played in College Football that didnt make it in the CFL or NFL.
Which NFL or CFL players who were part of teams that for a variety if reasons just didnt stick. Often its just the right place or the right time or just need a lil more experience. Especially with some players leaving College football after 3 seasons.
Some only playing 2 season of college foitball as many redshirt Fresman season.
Others just barely 21 and physically are not able to compete in CFL or NFL.
Follow them and see where they may end up.

Kurt Warner said it best as a guy who never really got a real shot in CFL and NFL coming out of college.
Its better to play & Practice in watever football league than sit home and workout out on ur own and not getting any eyes on you.

The Arena Football league got him into NFLE. & improved got eyes and got his shot.
He is the poster boy for this of course.
But he is just one of tons who have done this

But thats just me. I do this in all sports. I follow
Hockey: Juniors, NCAA, Minor league AHL & ECHl
Basketball: College Mid Majors, G League, International, etc.
Baseball: Minors, NCAA, G-League, international in all forms. etc.
I may be one of the few in the US & Canada that look forward to & enjoy the World Baseball Internationa Classic. Lol

Couldn’t care less about the XFL.

Hell, I spent years away from the CFL because other things in my life were more important. I don’t need more football.

Hockey and basketball sucks so I’ll be watching.

The only football I watch is CFL, not interested in anything else. If we had a local baseball team that would also appeal me. Dont like the “American” style football, i find that boring.

I didn`t even watch the CFL this season, except for maybe one preseason game–why would I watch a league with no history that doesn’t mean anything?

The “X” in the name sounds like a gimmick. The best it can hope for is an experiential league of some kind or a paid NCAA.

Pour ma part, je ne crois pas pouvoir m’y consacrer.

Dès le départ, le football américain ne m’intéresse pas beaucoup. Je trouve ça trop lent et pas assez créatif. Combien de fois avons-nous entendu “Seulement dans la LCF”?

À une certaine époque, je regardais toutes les parties de la LCF. Maintenant, je regarde celles des Alouettes, quelques parties des autres équipes et les éliminatoires. Du reste, je regarde parfois le National Drunk Day de nos voisins du sud (avons-nous des voisins au nord?), mais pas assidument.

Actually, aside from the four downs, the game looks a lot more like the CFL.

No fair catch. kicks must be returned, can’t even kneel in the end zone. you must return it out of the end zone.

5 yard halo like CFL

Clock stops 2 minutes before half time and 2 minutes at the end of 4th. quarter. similar to 3 minutes at end of 4th. quarter in the CFL

No single point converts but three snap options worth 1, 2 and 3 points

Shorten play clock after commercial breaks and play stoppages. 25 seconds instead of 35

One that is very novel is multiple, unlimited forward passes, here is the explanation, it is interesting.

It’s hard to predict exactly what that will look like, but then again, that’s what the XFL wants. The greater the intrigue, the better.

With the proliferation of the shotgun formation — NFL offenses lined up in the shotgun about two-thirds of the time in 2018, twice as often as a decade ago — traditional laterals have become rare, Luck said. “If I’m in the shotgun as a quarterback, I’m 5 yards back, I can’t throw a lateral to a receiver because he’d have to be 7 yards back,? he said. “You might as well hold a sign, ‘We’re going to throw a trick play right now.’ So we said, all right, if a team’s in the shotgun, that shouldn’t prevent the double forward pass.? The XFL’s solution is to redefine the forward pass. Offensive players will be allowed to throw multiple forward passes as long as they don’t travel beyond the line of scrimmage. Once a pass travels beyond the line of scrimmage, all other forward passes will be illegal. “So I can be in the shotgun, 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage, whip the ball out to the wide receiver, who is just a yard from the line of scrimmage and he can throw it,? Luck said. A drop of any pass behind the line of scrimmage will be ruled an incomplete pass, not a fumble. The XFL wants to encourage coaches to try such plays, so by ruling drops behind the line of scrimmage as incompletions, it has reduced some of the potential risk.

Ikind of like the double pass thing. Be interesting to see how it goes

If I want to watch a double pass I’ll watch a basketball game.

All the rule changes and gimmicks can’t take away from the fact that they will be performed by 3rd rate football players.

I will watch the 1st game out of curiosity and that will be it. Likely the same with most football fans.

And they are playing in cities that already have established NFL teams with followings. What will make fans of these teams interested in an inferior product after a full NFL season?

McMahon should be donating to charity all this money he is going to lose.

Looking forward to watching the Tampa Bay V̶i̶p̶e̶r̶s̶ Alouettes this winter.

Marc Trestman will be leading the reboot of the Alouettes this February. The only thing missing is Calvillo in the mix.

Go Vipers! Go Alouettes!

Really not interested


Passes multiples, n’est-ce pas? J’y prédis un bon nombre de quarts-arrières convertis en receveurs.

The double pass is not that interesting to me since the receiver making the throw still has to be behind the line of scrimmage.

As a method to speed up game play, the XFL is going to allow the 11 offensive starters and 4 skill-position backups to have speakers in their helmets. Teams can essentially run a no-huddle offense on a short clock as well as having the OC change plays based on the pre-snap read.

On defense, only the middle linebacker and one defensive back will have speakers.

I like the idea … but would limit it to the initial play call … it should mean more plays and a faster pace … but not certain I like the OC doing the QB’s job reading the defence … know it is intended to stoke offence … but then why not leave the connection between the QB and OC on all the time so the OC can tell him which receiver is open (sarcasm) … I would also give the speakers to all defenders … with full-time speakers for all it should be easier (for both sides of the ball) to tell Bill and Ted to come out and Steve and Jerome to go in quickly/efficiently …

Someone say Bill and Ted , Excellent

You found the cookie.

Uh oh.

The XFL might not have helmets to start the season…