Who will throw the most interceptions this year?

Who will throw the most interceptions this year?

hahah nice , but Nealon should be on that list!

No kidding! Nylon the pylon by far.

What r u talking about Nealon hardly ever throws INT's. He may not be a great qb but he is smart in terms of not giving the ball away.

I was trying to click Nealon, but couldn't find it. So, Had to settle for McManus.

Neaolon will probably lead the league in fumbles. Its too bad they don't have a stat to keep tracks of QBs running their mouths, because Neaolon would lead that category also

Sportsmen I am wondering who the moron that would leave Nealon of this poll. He was my choice also so I settle for DM. So I guess that is the reason DM is winning this poll.

Ahhh Yes R&W 2005. They love Nealon Now. They'll probably love Nealon after this weekend too. But once Saskatchewan start playing the better teams, They'll be screamin for his head. If Winnipeg can get their S**t together we could be hearing a chant on the labour day classic. "ROCKEY ROCKEY" or perhaps "MARCUS MARCUS"

Gee its labour day....Can you hear it yet?

Marcus, Marcus, Marcus,

I couldn't help dig this old post up again.

That long hey! I do not know about that I think it will be sooner. Wiat till they play Ottawa.

LOL thats a crack :slight_smile:

Danny Mac won't throw the most..he wont be around long enough to do that.

Can you hear it?


In the background.......

Marcus, Marcus, Marcus,

Must be Labour Day comming.

You should have stuck Rickey Ray up there
He is leading so far