Who will Throw for Saskatchewan in '08?

Are there any QBs on the market or maybe guys that we can trade for?

What about:

Dave Dickenson?

Ben Sankey?

Buck Pierce?

Jason Maas? (no, not really)

Timmy Chang? (not a starter but at least a backup)

Stephan Lefors? (is that his first name?)

Kevin Glenn?

Marcus Brady?

Michael Bishop???????

Are any of these names attainable?
Are any of those names worthwhile?
What names have I overlooked?
Will the two 1st round picks this year at all make the deal with Toronto look better? (does SSK have two 1st round picks?)

If you guys traded Joseph for financial reasons, then I doubt you'd be able to afford guys like Dickenson, Pierce, Maas, and Gleen...

Might be Crandell getting the start.

Tillman did say he'd have coughed up the dough should Joseph have been a few years younger...I suspect this wasn't solely a SMS issue...

Dont suppose Hamilton would give up williams.

I hear a guy name brett is available.

Jyles might be a diamond in the rough, we'll find out soon enough

You can add Jeff Garcia to the laundry list, perhaps Ty Detmer or any of the five or six college guys with bowl exp. we have on our neg. list.


Odds are Joseph may have wanted a few years added? Also, last year coming out of camp Austin said it was a toss up as to who would start so Crandell may be a solid fit. Who knows? No one would have predicted Joseph doing what he did last year or Jackson doing what he did in BC.

Unless Crandell comes out and has a stellar camp and pre-season I don't think the Riders can look at being a top teir team this year. If that is the case I would like to see them put Durrant, Jyles, or Tate at the helm and develop a new tallent. When was the last time that the Riders produced a good QB (well that would be Kevin Glenn but he never started in Sask).

I do remember hearing Austin say that he like Durrant alot and thought he was a very smart QB, wich I think is a large statement considering how much of an intelectual QB Austin was.

Well, if that's the case, I'd probably look at going after Marcus Brady.

I know Crandell can start and win.
He may start.
I like FYB’s buddy named Brett; he should start.
But I like the sounds of Marcus Brady too.
Who will be the back up in T.O.?

Keep MArcus Brady out of this province.

I'd like to see Drew Tate get some snaps. He was a great qb in college. But then again so was Steve Sarkisian.

Brady and Crandell are all lousy...there's a reason they've been traded all over the place and always relegated to the backup position.

The two most interesting names on that list to me are Sankey and Lefors. Both ended the year having played well enough to be considered legitimate #2's coming into this season, yet due to offseason signings, both are coming into camp as #3's.

I'm not big on Bishop - I don't think he ever learned the cerebral part of his position - he's 30 years old and still plays like a raw athlete.

There's no way BC is gonna part with Pierce - he'll be their starter before the year is out.

It will be Crandel

Kerry is going to be on Off The Record Tonight.

Bishop was signed to an extension through 2010. As much as I am a rider fan at what point do you have to ask is it time to also trade Matt now for young talent now as well? With Crandall now the only clear starter the riders will have and barring a major scoop on another QB the Riders have to face facts - they are now in a rebuilding phase and do they think they still have the right stuff to take a cup run in 2008 or is it time to build smart for the future ?

...its pretty common knowledge here that of the four QBs the Stamps have going into camp Sankey is the expendable one, and his play last year puts him at a respectable value level....Hmmmm, what defensive line player on the rider roster looks good to take?....

The problem is why in the world are they keeping Crandell are they paying him peanuts. Should they not have let him go use the money to accomodate KJ? This way the young guys would be able to move into a back up roll.

....Arius's last post in the other thread might answer that question rw05, it's an interesting theory anyway...

Matt's virtually untradeable. He's coming off his THIRD season-ending knee injury, and he's in year one of a 2+1 deal paying him in over $150k. I can't see many teams having that kind of cap room and even if they did, would they view that as a wise signing?