Who will throw for most passing yards this season?


This year as long as all the QB's or a majority of them stay healthy it should be a close one. i say the difference from the man that wins it and the 2nd place guy is about a 100 yard difference. What do you think?

I would have voted Crandell if this stated the most passes into the turf.

...countdown initiated for predictable "or burris throwing picks" response to rw05's comment.....10, 9, 8, 7

lol your just jelous you dont have him anymore.


I voted for Ray. He would have had it last year if not for the injury. He was on fire! Here's hoping he can pick up where he left off!

HEAD FOR COVER! :lol: :lol:

But Didn't I read on APRIL 1st Burris was traded back to the Riders? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Anyways, back to topic.....

I think a healthy Ricky Ray will get it done this year.

I would have voted for Crandell also---if it wasn't for about 9 of the other QBs on the list...
Actually, Marcus may throw for lots of yards. I just hope he has a decent rating to go with those numbers.

Anyway, I voted for Ricky Ray. It is most likely any of Glenn, Ray or Burris for pure yardage. Ray is the best pure passer, but needs Tucker to regain form, and find somebody else to throw to. Hank has some good receivers, and they will likely be throwing a lot (the defence will be lousy, so look for the shoot outs in Cowtown). Glenn has a lot of weapons, but as one of them is Sir Charles, they run the ball more than most teams.

I actually voted for Burris, I believe he has the best set of recievers to throw passes to, and they seem to get away from the running game more often than not. If that trend continues, and HB can be a bit more consistent, he should have the most passing yards.

I voted for Ray but that’s not saying much ,since im such a Homer but I think Jackson in BC may have a Break-out year and playing in a covered stadium helps alot late in the year.

I say kevin Glenn not because I am a bomber fan but because the bombers still have the most dangerous receiving corps in the CFL. Next to Glenn I am going With Henry Burris because to me they got the next best set of receivers and he has a good long ball.

I voted for Ray. He would have led last year if not for injury, doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll win a lot of games though.

I think it won't be Casey ..
Ticats have run 1st OC.

It could be KJ and The Argos.

I picked Ray of course but IF and that's a big if, DD can have a positive mentoring effect on Burris, things could be close in Alberta. Dave has a tough job on his hands though, Danny McManus couldn't help and I believe he was brought in to do exactly that.

I fixed it for you man. It's a freebee, no problem.


I dont know who I voted for, I just blinked and clicked. I figure the odds are just as good I got it right.

If Ray was on any other team. It'll be Glenn or Burris.

So let me get this straight, you are saying that if Ray was on any other team, it would be Glenn or Burris. Nice to see you have so much faith in the Eskimos.

I think his point was that if Ray played for any other team, he would lead the league by far. The Esks dont have the receiving corps that they once did, the only real threat may be Tucker. Peterson is a decent receiver-- but he is more of a possession type guy, that dont accumulate a lot of yards. Since Ray plays for a team that is not deep in receiving talent, then Burris or Glenn are the most likely candidates to lead the league.

If Ray hadn't been stuck with the no protection-get sacked Maciocia offense the last two years (and probably this year too), he might well have passed for 6000 yards each time. If he was throwing to Winnipeg's or BC's starting recievers, that'd give him huge numbers too.

That's about how I see it too.