who will the rainy weather favor ?

Hmm ?

Kevin Glenn has played in Winnipeg for years and Cleo Lemon was playiong in Miami .
The Hamilton D has stopped Boyd and well HAmilton doesn't have much of a run game .
If it is a rainy day it will likley be specioal teams that decide this one ...Thigpen versus Owen and
Wilbur anf D'angelos versus Prefontain . One thing too is Toronto will try some trick plays using Owen so i hope we have a few
options and reverses planned using thogpen and Mann . I predict the argos will fake at least one punt and try a few recerses and maybe try having a receiver throw the ball like they did in the game in Toronto . If Stevie Baggs is on today and feeling good then Lemon could be replaced by halftime by Bell.
I really hope Gibson has some new plays that he is saved for the playoffs ones that will isolate Bruce or Mann and/or utilize Thoigpen . Last year's labor day game he had a great crossing route out of the back field to Cobb taking advantage of their not so quick middle linebacker ....I hope that middle area ( Pottinger ) will be exploited ..

My prediction is Mcintyre will have a monster game because they will be so focussed on Baggs that he will get alot of one on ones with a guard of Robertson and Marceux and I think those are mis matches in our favor. I also think hickman vs Van Zezl is a mismatch .
One thing to note is Middlebrooks their shutdwon CB is out in favor of a rookie CB in Smalls and this could be a mjor factor
so whatch out for ticats throwing the way of # 25 Smalls but #10 Ple at safety will likely giving him more help than the other DB's .

I also think that Eiben # 35 and # 46 Pottinger are a little slow and it might be wise to throw to Cobb or Thigpen if they get one on one with one of those 2 guys .

Are you listening MR Gibson ...Gibson either has a great game plan or a terrible one . I hope it is great today taking advantage of the weaknesses mentioned as well as using Bruce a bit more and of course Thigpen .

It's just going to be a light rain and doesn't look windy so I don't think the weather will be a deciding factor at all. Not sure which qb is able to better throw with a slick ball though.

Lemon played in Miami. LOL So...his wet-ball throwing skills were not efficient enough to save his job there. Kevin Glenn has experience in bad weather and mosquitoes. The key is which OC will adjust in-game if need be. Glenn has a more-diversified attack re weaponry so he just has to be careful with the ball and distribute it as per usual.

Oski Wee Wee,


doubt it will favors the fans, specially the ones looking for a good entertaining game more than caring about the outcome.