Who will the next QB be that career ends early?

Johnathan Jennings threw for 5k and now his career is over before his 30th birthday
Matt Nichols saved Mike Oshea from being fired, and now his career is over, due to an injured arm.
Mike Reilly earned too much money, so his team could not afford an offense line, so his career is over.
So the question is.. Who is tbe next CFL QB that will see their career end prematurely.
Trevor Harris will be 37 next year, so Im not sure he can be included here, but all other CFL QBs will be under 35 when next season starts.
I think the most likely one is Vernon Adams. Unless he is willing to play for 120k next season, then his career is over.
Next on the list is BLM. Maybe he is worth 150 as a back up next season.
Knock on wood, but that shot on Zack Franchise in week one was downright scary. He is still one hit away from lights out, so he is in 3rd position.
No. 4 is Cody.. He isnt that good and relies on his legs too much, for a unathletic QB. He is basicly a poor man's Matt Dunnigan.
Next up in no. 5 would have to be MBT.. he isnt all that good either.
Who do you think will end up on tbe QB scrap heap, by the end of this season?

I would have had BLM at the top of this list at halftime of their last game.

VA for sure with his high school playing style and Bethl Thompson as he's a pretender. Then as mentioned the old guys especially those with lingering injuries. I do hope Masoli can hang in there without injury as he's hard nosed, hard working and a two way threat.
And i'm not a Tiger Cat supporter.. but he is a gem all around.

Mazolli plays for Ottawa, and has 750 yards pasing after 2 games.. Lol.
He is on pace for over 6500.. Lol

If he can stay healthy he' a perfect CFL qb as he scrambles like the greats Flutie, Damon Allen. He's a class act as well as he took demotion in Ham very well. So glad he's got a number one slot at Ottawa