Who will survive????

With the release of #42 & #18,Im thinking how many more of the few vets we have left will survive the final cut? Im thinking that a few are definetly on the bubble,Shaw,Cox,Cheron,Beveridge and perhaps Dunbrack could be getting pink slips,any thoughts on this??? Im thinking that when the dust finally settles we could be looking at a roster with upto 20 to 25 new faces.PROGRAMS GET YER PROGRAMS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I predict the following "veteran names" will be cut:


omg that reminds just so u all know I HATE TAD KORNEGAY I THNIK HE STINKS

he always has great coverage but never ever makes a play on the ball !!!!!!!!!

kinda like a guy named rodney heath who used to play for us any1 remember him?

I think Friday's game will decide many positions. With Hudson not ready to go, you keep the veterans such as Cheron and Felice. I agree that Armour and Cox are on the bubble. If Dyakowski signs, then he and Cheron or Remple replace Davis at left tackle. Woodard would be the lone American on the O Line.
The permutations and combinations of D Backs boggles the mind.I am hoping to see a Canadian at safety and corner. The linebackers will probably be all Americans. The D Line could be all Canadian or at least 3 of 4.
Special teams will be led by Nick Setta. They have to be the most improved unit or it could be another long season.
The names of the players on the final roster are a mystery to me but if they are young and fast that can make up for a lot of the mistakes that will be made. The key position, as always, is quarterback.If you are going young and fast then Maas won't be there. Maybe he'll surprise and just be competent.Competent is good.
I can't wait till Friday night.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

Davis is at right tackle you dummy!
Pat Lynch( the drooling old person in section 7)