Who will stay and who will go

Which Lions QB will be traded and to which team do you think they should go to and for who?

Or do you think Casey will go to the NFL at the end of the year
and this will not be an issue?

I think at the end of the year Casey will be going to the NFL and no QB trade will be made

I think that if Printers doesn’t get a multi-year contract extension he’ll use the option year of his current contract to test the NFL waters. In that case I’m sure that some NFL team would sign him to be their 3rd string QB. If no team signs him, then he’ll come back to BC for the 2006 season and then try the CFL free agent waters in 2007. In which case he’ll probably end up in Toronto or Hamilton as the replacement for Damon Allen or Danny McManus.


Today's sportscast has Printers still four weeks away on rehab. He'll probably miss the pre-season.

Interesting quote from Printers. He said it's Dickenson as the starter, and it's Dave's position to lose.

Hmmm saying all the right things... so far.

I think that he knows that there is no way that he can compete with D.D at this point and knows that it is his turn to hold the clip board Good for you Printers