who will start on the OL

who do you think will Be our Starting Hoggies:
Here is my take

RT :smiley:avis, Jerome I
RG :Hage, Marwan N
C :Hudson, George N
LG :smiley:onnelly, Ryan N
LT :Woodard, Jonta I


Filice, Fabio N
Cheron, Pascal N
Gourgues, Carl N

I Import
N Non Import

I seriously think that Filice will earn a starting spot at guard.

i hope we see some competition from last years draft pics (remember those giants on the oline that played american college ball?)

would be nice to see them both come up for camp...

I did add the Draft Picks
Cause have not been Signed..

The following is an excerpt from an article titled "No small competition" by Ken Peters in The Hamilton Spectator on May 4/07:

"Two Cat incumbents, Cheron and Hudson, are coming off of serious off-season knee surgeries and may not be 100 per cent for training camp."

This could be a problem for the interior of the Ticat offensive line. Here's hoping that Cheron and Hudson recover sufficiently by the beginning of the regular season to start on the offensive line if called upon.

Woodard LT
Hudson LG
Hage OC (or if our pick from last year comes up RG)
Felice RG
Davis/ Sutherland RT

Espo wrote:

Woodard LT Hudson LG Hage OC (or if our pick from last year comes up RG) Felice RG Davis/ Sutherland RT
If new Ticat Cedric Gagne-Marcoux can step in right away at centre, the offensive line suggested by Espo makes good sense for the following reasons:
  1. Since the entire offensive line has to learn a new offensive system anyway, Gagne-Marcoux will be learning the system at the same time as the experienced linemen;

  2. Marwan Hage received NCAA Big 12 honourable mention playing at right guard for Colorado in 2002 and would therefore be able to successfully handle the move to right guard;

  3. Although George Hudson has good CFL experience at centre, he actually played left guard for the Ticats for most of the 2006 season and was voted the team's top offensive lineman;

  4. Having a left guard and a right guard with previous CFL experience at centre would be of immense help to rookie centre Gagne-Marcoux in making calls at the line and communicating the calls to the offensive tackles;

  5. Gagne-Marcoux played centre throughout most of his NCAA career at Central Florida and would be playing his natural position if he becomes the centre for Ticats.

On the other hand, if Gagne-Marcoux is not ready to start at centre, then either Hudson or Hage could move to centre and Fabio Filice could start at the vacant guard position.

Woodard LT
Hudson LG
Gagne-Marcoux C
Hage RG
Davis RT


IF things fall into place ideally, that would be the line, IMHO. we shall see what Cedric's learning curve is, how Hudson and Cheron hold up, and whether Rempel can stick.

The guards and tackles may swap sides, but I figure my projected line is a good guesstimate.

Oski Wee Wee,

Woodard LT
Hudson LG
Gagne-Marcoux C
Hage RG
Davis RT


Prediction: Dyakowski joins he Cats midway through the season and pushes one of the above-mentioned subs to the practice roster.

I really doubt Gagne-Marcoux is going to start right away at C, especially with both Hage & Hudson with CFL experience and able to play there.

OTs - Woodard, Davis
OGs - Hudson, Filice
C - Hage

How many back-up Olinemen will they carry? - i'd guess 2 on game roster and another one or two on PR. Back-ups: Gagne-Marcoux, Cheron for game roster; Rempel and another young guy for PR.

Who will be the long snapper? I think they might keep Donnelly as a back-up ol as he has experience at third down snapper, plus he has played both tackle and guard for the team.