Who will start next week?

I hope Jim Barker comes to his senses and starts LEMON in BC and has Jyles as the backup qb. It would be a good spot for JYLES and he can come in if Lemon is struggling.

To be honest the issues are with bad play calling, drops, old receiving core in Copeland and running backs playing receivers.

I think blaming Lemon for the offensive issues is wrong and can start a huge divide on the team. The argos team will not react well if Lemon is benched and JYLES is thrown into the game vs a HOT BC defense on the road with little practice time and a limited understanding of the offense.

The only reasonable thing to do is to have Lemon start, Jyles backup and cut BELL or demote him to 3rd --- You simply cannot expect a guy being off for a year off shoulder surgery who hasnt played a single snap of football is going to jump start a dead offense?

I feel that Barker has lost the teams respect, and by benching all 3 of your QBs and lettig Jyles start would be a sure sign of panic and would say basically I have no confidence in any of the 3 qbs who were here since the start of training camp?

I hope Lemon gets the start as he is the leader, he is the one who knows this offense- Give the guy a break, his receivers are the worst in the CFL and the play calling is brutal also--

Please Barker dont make this mistake, if you do , the Argos will quit on you and you will be fired midseason--

I'm all for giving Jyles a chance, but you cannot start him vs BC- BC is playing lights out and could completely destroy the ARGOS with a WIN- Jyles is not TOM BRADY- I think people are thinking JYLES is the next Warren MOON-- He is not, if he was he woudnt be traded or let go by 2 teams already--
If Jyles was to start and lose it would look so stupid on Barker-- I think Barker's ego got the best of him, after a 2 and out, Barker told Lemon off, i could see on the TV he ripped lemon good- benching Lemon was done because Barker is sick of him-

If Barker knows anything about building a grey cup team, lets hope he starts LEMON- If lemon fails then you bring in JYLES, but LEMON deserves another chance- He won vs SASK, and vs BC they were not getting blown out at half-- Bringing in BELL was ridiculous and not fair to the fans-

Only place Lemon will be starting is at filling water bottles. He has just been released by Barker!

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/squeezed-out-cleo-lemon-cut-by-argonauts]http://www.cfl.ca/article/squeezed-out- ... -argonauts[/url]

Wow I think Barker has lost complete control of the team. If he really thinks JYLES is going to perform miracles he is worse than I thought he was.

Barker simply is a terrible coach who is panicking now. Granted Lemon was not great but Jyles is not the answer. Bell is not a CFL QB--

You cannot have your starting receiving core with a special teams guy, a running back and an old jermaine copeland-

I dont think Barker is trying for miricles. but he gave up his first round pick in the draft for jyles. you have to play him. In the CFL your first and second round pic is very important. you need to justify giving those pics away

I agree Jyles has to play at some point, but team chemistry is important and LEMON was there for much of the past 2 seasons.

Jyles has not proven that he is a capable starter himself. Jyles is coming off a long injury, I dont think rushing him back is fair to Jyles- vs BC defense what is Jyles going to do?

I agree Jyles should be the starter but there is a better way to ease him in the lineup--

Bottom line for me argos are in a playoff race and this saturday LEMON gives them a better chance to win the game than JYLES-

Its all about who gives ur team a better chance to win--

we will see if Jyles cannot make a difference- I would like to see the ARgos mail the game in to send a message to Barker and hopefully he will be fired -- I dont think Barker makes it to end of season as coach---

The players wont play for him, he tells players to F Off in the locker room-

i would agree it seems like Barker isnt exactly a players coach. he seems similar to marshal.

when Barker pulled Lemon from the game, Barker said "this isnt Cleo's fault, but i cant change all 12 players." so im a little confused by the move.

the starter for the BC game hasnt been anounced yet. Bell looked terrible. he really blew his chance. Jyles has been taking snaps for a couple weeks i believe.

i am thinking lemon will have to now be paid for his full season since he was released after labour day. anyone else think thats kinda stoopid by the argos?

I'm not real happy by this move. To me if anyone should have been cut it is Bell, he is awful. Makes no sense to play Cleo for a season and a half, commiting to his development and then releasing him. This season is not all his fault. I only hope there are more moves to come...

Fire the damned offensive coordinater. His play calling sux. it did last year and it does this year. How about running Boyd alot more to punish the defense?
Time to say bye bye to Copeland as he can't get open at all.
Perhaps even it's time to get rid of Barker himself, I totally blame him for giving the BC game away. Why on earth did he keep Bell in? Pick after pick, it was horrible to watch, man I was so pissed. If Lemon had stayed in the game the team still had a shot of pulling the game out.
I now predict with Lemon's release that the team becomes quite divided. Pretty sure the defense was scratching their heads watching Bell give the ball back over and over with those interceptions. I'm also willing to bet Barker has lost this team right now. No way he survives the season, look for O'shea to be head coach next year.

i would agree it seems like Barker isnt exactly a players coach. he seems similar to marshal.
You simply cannot compare Jim Barker to Greg Marshall. Each of their situations were completely different and unique. Barker has had time to build this team, especially coming off of a season where he won Coach of the Year. Meanwhile, Marshall was only given 8 games to prove himself, all the while never really having any say or decisions on the Saskatchewan team. He was not allowed to hire his own coaching staff, for starters. Besides, how can you compare these guys when Barker is also the GM, while Marshall seemed like he had no wiggle room among a team management that was structured awkwardly, to say the least (look no further than the power struggle between Ken Miller and Brendan Taman). I think the main problem with Barker is that, as the team GM, he hasn't been able to recruit some good, quality talent like other GM's in this league. I would strongly suggest that the Argos hire a separate GM and just let Barker handle the Head Coach duties (unless, of course, they decide to part company with Barker altogether). As for Marshall, I strongly believe that Saskatchewan made a huge mistake in releasing him. I don't care how much the players love Ken Miller. I have a hard time believing that Miller will be able to single-handedly go in there in prevent this team from ending the season in the cellar (despite the fact that some injured players are returning to the line-up). I really think that Marshall would have a great chance at becoming the new Head Coach of the upcoming Ottawa franchise, when they are ready to join the league (hopefully in 2014). Marshall will then be able to exact sweet revenge on Saskatchewan!! :cowboy:

My friend I agree with you fully. I am a big CFL fan, and I can smell bad management and this to me smells like it has JIM BARKERS smell over it.

These are the facts--

-Chad Owens is not a starting receiver in the CFL- How many other kick returners are starting wideouts
-Andre Durie is fast and a running back, but not a polished receiver- He leads the team in receiving despite not being a pure receiver.
-Jermaine Copeland is completely washed up, he can barely run at all anymore-
-Rideau is decent but not a true #1 consistent receiver--

Barker is basically the same coach as a guy like Mike Kelly- Tough talking, doesent know anything, he treats the players like kids, yells at them, its his way or the highway-

Barker claims that Lemon didnt play well in the 2nd half of SASK and the first half of BC? So you are going to cut him for 2 bad halves?

Jyles has been with Edmonton, Sask and Winnipeg, hmm why is no one making Jyles a starter? Barker is simply the worst coach in the CFL-- He is an old school guy that is perhaps a positional coach at best- You simply cannot have a negative Loser as your coach-- Barker is poison, when I heard him tell a player to shut the F UP, i knew he would lose the team--

The drops by receivers, the bad play is all a reflection of the players desire to compete for barker-- I am not sure if LEMON was liked by his teammates or if he was a cancer? Jermaine copeland asks for the ball without Barkers permission and then Barker ensures he runs clearing routes and doesent see the ball last game--

Bell is horrible, the wrong guy was cut-- If you cut LEMON you have to cut BELL also-- Bell is not a cfl qb---

barker is simply taking others teams castoffs, in BELL and JYLES--

I think the Argos could completely no show in BC to prove to Barker that when you start cutting guys, the whole team will get you fired before you can cut more players.

I am also sick of hearing JIM Barker defend every move by saying " Our goal is to win a GREY CUP" This player was not helping our team achieve the goal to win a GREY CUP"

How about Jamie Elizombie offense? Is this offense some kind of joke? How about the GM of the ARGOS Mr. Jim barker who have you brought in as a quality receiver? You managed to sign the oldest and slowest and overpaid washed up receiver in the CFL in Jermaine Copeland? You have a kick returner playing wideout? Is this recruiting help the team win the GREY CUP?

If everything was about winning the GREY CUP, Barker would be fired from day 1, and half the players would be unemployed- You simply cannot use the exuse of this player was not helpling us win a grey cup.

I am sick of this Grey cup talk, why not focus on improving weekly and cut this GREY CUP nonsense---

I can imagine the players just hating Barker , as he talks bullshit, and nonsense and is such a negative person--

I would say i doubt it the Argos play for Barker and send him a message with another bad performance--

Even Lemon on the sidelines was laughing at BARKER while BELL was playing 500 up with the BC defenders--

This wont sit well with the Argos-- I think we will see an implosion in the locker room== I cant see many players supporting Barker--

i was only comparing marshall to barker in the aspect of them not being players coaches. Marshall was running his players down in the press. never taking resposibility. that all.

i dont think jyles is a CFL starter either. But neither is Bell. i dont think Bell should start on a flag football team.

I wonder if Barker, like wally a bit, has had the game pass him by a little. gotta move with the game.

Barker is in the old school mode of coaches, yells, screams, tells players to F off. Barker is relying on guys like BELL and JYLES who other teams didnt want. He brought in Lemon who was not wanted y NFL and really is not a CFL QB-- Lemon cannot run, is too slow vs pressure, he is used to the NFL-

Barker has no connections at all, and also is one of the worst offensive coaches in the leaugue. He understands nothing about offense. The game has passed barker by for sure, I am not sure he was ever any good at coaching--

Why don't you take the same approach you did with BC, "get rid of someone (anyone) now".

Lemon is NOT the answer, so why keep him for one game longer. Jyles might or might not be the answer. Bell was obviously not mentally prepared to go in the game and went off the deep-end after that initial pic.

Barker is panicking, but I thought that is the kind of reactive decision making you liked.

BC did make the right changes- They dumped their weak link on defense in Davis Sanchez--- They brought in a top 25 all time CFL history receiver in Arland Bruce-- They brought in Kierre JOhnson off the practice squad and he was targeted 12 times in his second game.

BC brought in Anthony Reddick and changed safeties to Larose and now Muamba. Furthermore BC brought in Khalif Mitchell and since no one has run on BC and no one has been able to move it on BC--

Bc made the right changes and did get rid of a lot of dead weight including cutting Kamau Peterson, Dobson Collins---

Toronto on the other hand has some obvious glaring weaknesses which go unnoticed every week.

Jermaine Copeland looks like he cannot run a 40 yard dash in under 5 seconds? Its clear that this guy gets NO separation at all and is basically useless out there. He is a great candidate to get cut considering he is an IMPORT slotback--

The vaunted ARGO front 4- Which TSN hypes up every week due to their SIZE and NFL bodies- Who is getting sacks on this line? Where is RICKEY FOLEY? He is getting paid well but not doing much in sacks?

Dalton Bell was a great candidate to get CUT also- This guy is not CFL material- I have to look no further than if SASK released him during the Tillman era, he is not good-- Tillman does not release good QBS--- He has an eye for talent, BELL was doing nothing in SASK--
barker is so lost that he actually thinks he can win in the CFL with a QB that throws high school POP FLY interceptions---

Jordan younger- He was slow and old 4 years ago--

I was critical of BC, but they deserve an A+ for making the necessary changes in order to make the LIons a legit contendor for the Grey Cup--

If you wanted to cut LEMON give him the entire game vs Lions last game and CUT HIM, dont give him a half and cut him--
2 weeks ago Barker was in the papers saying how Lemon is improving-- I suspect it wasnt lemons play and it was his attitude like Printers that got him CUT--

Bell should be given his walking papers for the ARgos to have any credibility as an organization- You cannot play a guy like that who throws 4 ints in a half and keep him as your backup- Its not fair to the fans, and for a city like Toronto who wants a NFL team when they see Dalton Bell playing QB they will not show up so the team folds-- Dalton Bell would not star in the CIS i think.