Who will start in place of Armstead???

Who will be added on and take his place? My guess would be that Fantuz will move inside and grant will move to wide reciever and that hoffart will come on the roster as a backup. Although it could be Washington as tillman talked about him being ready. This will probably only last untill after labour day though as then YO will be able to come off the 9 game injury list.

PS- has Mckoy been dressing for games or was that only the first few of the year????

i think that could happen. also i could see holmes lining up at slot.

I for one would love for Corey to see regular duty as a slotback or at least as the #5 guy.

Corey will not be the 5th guy. They will focus him mostly on kick/punt returner until he learns the play book and gets enough reps in practice.

On labour day we will probably see dominguez, flick, fantuz, grant and maybe washington. After that Yo will be back.

I can't wait for Yo to come back, he was on fire in the preseason and at camp.